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Looking for a host of contacts!

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Looking to find some contacts for my RP character (wiki link: https://wiki.ffxiv-roleplayers.com/pages/Cullen_West)



Mostly looking for sea-related contacts.

Dock workers.



Map Makers.



Also looking for Free Companies who run IC taverns for him to crash at and get drunk.

(keep in mind I am already in a Free Company so this is for rp purpose only)


As far as whats accepted, any RP can go and I will never turn down an RP contact. So if you play something that is not sea related we should RP anyways!


IC Romance and Enemies, as well as injuries are welcomed and encouraged.


It would be best to contact me here instead of in-game.


As far as hours logged, late night player usually logging on around 10:30pm ESt and logged off whenever, usually around 2:00am.


New Roleplayer friendly as well, so if you are looking to make a first time contat, let me know!



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