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[Balmung] Rather new to RP - Gallien Vyese

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[align=center]Gallien Vyese - the Curious Scholar [/align]


They say history is written by the victors, but what is lost during this practice? What knowledge was scattered, or simply erased because the winning side deemed in unnecessary? History is but a few pages in a much greater tale, and I intent to read it.


Currently no wiki, but here is a link to my workshop thread if interested in my backstory



About Gallien

- Currently calls Gridania home, however he travels heavily and can be seen in any of the major cities from time to time.

- He is not fond of combat or war itself, however he can defend himself and aid his friends and allies

[align=left]- Manual labor is not his thing, though he will get his hands dirty if research deems it necessary

- Curious by nature, he is willing to try pretty much anything at least once.

- Can come off somewhat shy and socially awkward, as he tries to apply book knowledge to the appropriate situation. However he does learn and can adapt rather quickly.



- A small stent with the Red Wings, while he was researching parts of Thanalan.

- Syros (his fae companion), is rather protective of him

- His free time is spent in Outer La Noscea, trying to figure out more of the past.


What i am looking for

- Friends / Contacts (Basically looking for some kind of foothold on the server)

- Currently Not interested in switching FC's

- Looking for friendly and helpful OOC / IC (that will fit with Gallien) linkshells

- Any story or plot that doesn't mind me being a little slow to respond and asking a bit of questions OCC. (Somewhat new to this, and first time actually attempting to rp in a game)


Not interested in

- A bunch of life and death encounters, though conflict and injuries may occur (just no death)

- Voice RP is no go

- People who are OOC offended by Syros(fairy) or that I RP with her


About me

- I am really new at RP

- Very friendly and actually want to make some friends OOC as well as IC

- I may be slow to respond sometime IC, as I tend to think about things Gallien would do quite a bit and how he would react.

- Gallien may not like you in game, and we can be friends OOC, i am completely cool with that and think it makes for awesome character development

-I am EST and am usually on around 6pm - 1 or 2am



Okay I'm done rambling for now, hope to see and speak to some of you soon!



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Nanagi is a a rather quite character as well. It may be difficult for both of them to get a conversation started, I feel like they would get along.


Due to IRL things i'm not on ffxiv that much. Forum RP is more convenient for me atm.


It you are interested, send me a PM! I hope we can work something out! ^_^

(Nanagi's wiki is in my signature)

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