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New to RP, constructing a rp (is this even the right word?)


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I've always been more of an artist than a writer, but I am really interested in role playing and I hope being a newbie isn't a turn-off! I am interested in learning how to keep the ball rolling in roleplays,and developing a better knack for writing.

Being that I am a newbie, I'm not really in-tune with the etiquette of role play, so I want to double check with you guys to see if I am pulling up some red-flags. I'm kind of a shy person, so would it be okay for someone to keep FFXIV roleplay on a tumblr side-blog or on this website? Thank you very much!


Erm anyway, here is the little plot bunny I conjured up of her.



Stage name: Noir

Real name: [not decided yet!]

Sun Seeker

Place of Residence: Ul'dah


Noir plays into the robin-hood trope and she's very suave (pseudo-suave?). The miqo'te is an entertainer for many upper-class monetarists and very skilled in song and story-crafting. Though she's equally skilled in pick-pocketing and believes in self-tipping. After she treats herself, she usually treats the slum-kids to good food as sort of a homage to her roots. She has never been much of a fighter, but does know some basic fighting ( from growing up on the streets). She is not a WoL roleplay character. 


Her goals: Not very developed. They would also play into a robin hood-esque trope with giving back; however she's very selfish.


This is a piece of artwork I've been fiddling at. It's a large work in progress I was wondering if this design was also okay. I heavily referenced the Bard AF1 gear and just streamlined and edited some of it. This outfit is her "Minstrel" outfit. I wasn't sure if this sort of thing is allowed or in bad taste. ( I haven't sketch the hands, I know :P)


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Hi there,


A good reference is [The Role-Play Handbook] a great resource.


Your concept sounds good. My advise would be to not claim expertease you can't RP. So if a good singer, be prepared with some songs.


I would also recommend playing a non expert, someone learning still. There is a lot of RP opportunity in struggling and even failing at things. It is these opportunities that allow for character growth and ongoing RP.


The goal in RP is not to win, it is to play a character in a setting with rich and meaningful interaction with others. There are other aims from RP but that is my personal one.


As you are visual, then try imagining your character in certain situations, what does she feel, what does she say and do. I do this a lot in fleshing a char out. However, you will probably find the RP shapeds this as you start, so don't be too prescriptive and remain flexible.


Maybe it is the same for drawing where what you end up with evolved in the drawing?

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Wow thank you for such a helpful response and linkage to that Guide. I will glean through it when I have more time within the week! :) I think that a "fresh meat" role play character would be very helpful in getting my feet wet!

While I my aim is not to have a fighting character, I find your snippet of advice of interacting really insightful and will keep that in mind when I flesh her out. I am a little confused on your first line, are you saying I shouldn't roleplay a character that is masterful at a skill when I am still new at writing a character? ( Just double-checking!)


The analogy of using art to flesh her out really helps too.



That is very kind of you! I will DEFINITELY drop a PM when I feel like I have more meat for you! I feel like I don't know where to start right now ;w;!

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My first statement was more about being authentic. So no matter what you claim your RP should be able to back it up. So if your character is a singer, expect to be able to do some singing in character. That can be as simple as describing how she sings or even emotes and words. Also have a musical ear


Let the RP speak rather than simly aserting what you are. You, yourself can be useless at singing btw.


Same if you are a seamstress then talk about cloth and cuts of cloth, don't just say you are a seamstress.


That way there is more richness to the RP and more for others to engage with. You could think of it as RP surface area.


Now on playing someone learning means that a lack of knowledge is part of the character. A handy way to fit in as a new player. Also people can tell you things in characters, and those things may not be correct.. but still RP fun when you find out.


The Lore of the world is useful to ensure we all have a common model of how the world works. So keeping it simple to start with means more chance you fit in and your char is accepted by most.

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First of all, welcome to the RPC! :3 I adore forum RP myself, as it was the first sort of role play I ever took part in.


To that point, if you wanted to join in on my thread about a very boisterous chef character, feel free to. It's an open participation thing. Or if you'd wanna do more individual story stuff, I have my main Dark Knightess Roe to blah at. And I'm sure others are willing and eager to interact as well.


And, of course, there is the art thread area of you wanna continue to showcase your pretties.


Have fun and hope to see you in-character soon! :D

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