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Solmund Whyte


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I. Basic Info


Primary Characters: Solmund Whyte, Dadarupo Boborupo


Others: Rhik'li Varekai; Nascent Flame; Fleurnoy Archeleux; Cordena Whyte

Free Company: Harbingers of Dawn

Linkshells: N/A

II. RP Style




I recently discovered I qualify as a Heavy RPer. I care about lore quite a lot, and spend most of my days brainstorming ideas. Currently I am in a leveling phase and am rather scarce, but I'll always drop what I'm doing to RP. Skype RP is also A-ok.




If your character attacks or otherwise attempts to harm someone else, you need to acknowledge the risk involved. This is a world of fireballs and giant axes. This is also a world of mortals. I am fine with combat and injuries, but I will not allow death without it being of my own plot. Therefor I do not often create characters who regularly engage in activities that involve attacking others without just cause.




FF14 is the first game in which I have explored romance. It's a subject that interests me and I think it's a good way to form lasting friendships with other RPers to have your characters part of one another's lives. With that said, only my main is available for any sort of romance RP. It just isn't a good idea to try to hold romances on alts.


RP In General


While I tend to mostly RP with FC mates, I'm happy to step beyond and RP with anyone. The subject of course depends on which character I am playing at the time. My characters each have very different personalities, worldviews, and skills, so they are not cut out to handle anything that comes their way.


Solmund Whyte: Ul'Dahn Merchant Lord of Whyte Contrivances and Intelligence gatherer for the Harbingers of Dawn under Saint Edda Vincents.


Dadarupo Boborupo: Full-fledged Warrior-turned-Weaver, Master Couturier of Whyte Contrivances, Friend and Confidant of Solmund Whyte, inventor.


Rhik'li Varekai: Keeper Clan hunter-turned poacher laying low under the Order of the Twin Adders.

Cordena Whyte: Estranged sister of Solmund Whyte, aids Ala Mighan refugees at Quarrymill.

Nascent Flame: Hellsguard third-born who is torn between banditry and vigilantism. Bodyguard.

Fleurnoy Archeleux: Archer of low-born Ishgardian heritage and retainer of Solmund Whyte.




If you are an RPer that regularly bends or ignores lore for the sake of creativity, more power too you. We will likely not be a very good match for RP friends. I believe that lore is the most important thing about RP. It is the physics of a universe that you cannot and should not ignore.


III. Other Info


Country: USA

Timezone: Eastern Standard Time

Contact Info: You can send me a message here, or to one of my characters in-game. I'll see it eventually.

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Updated to accurately represent my characters.


Note: Due to my own irl shifts of mood, I have TWO mains that I swing back and forth between. Their personalities and values are night and day.


The alts are generally used only for plot motion. I like to put on a show and be involved in my idea in as many ways as possible.

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