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  1. Well... I was interested in coming back over the Viera hype but seeing the gender lock I'm not sure I will anymore. I get the budgeting issues when it comes to character models but I would have preferred an entire race than two halves. I'm not going to hold out any hope that they'll develop the other gender models either... so I'm just really disappointed. All the other stuff looks good but this was what would have brought me back.
  2. For many players, one game and one character are enough. And then there is me: the altaholic RPholic that jumps from place to place with gusto and a fear of commitment. So let's talk about what we play elsewhere~ (Disclaimer: Please do not discuss other games in detail nor their RPCs. Just share your things!) GW2- I play a mesmer named Susan Jiang who sells fake potions and trolls people with illusions. Wildstar- I play Pipistrelle; an aurin stalker living in a massive and hostile maze. Black Desert- I play Adam Lambert's twin named Salvatore, and Manu Vokan the giant sorce
  3. When I logged in for the first time on Sol last night, I was in the yard in front of your guild and it made me really nostalgic <3
  4. I'd like to join on Dadarupo Boborupo. Also hi Edda.
  5. "Greetings loved ones. Let's take a journey." -Snoop Dog Hey friends new and old, I've just renewed my subscription after 2 years away and I'm looking to find a new place for my fashion designer slash retired warrior to kick up his plated heels and make... 'friends'. I use this term loosely because he is something of an acquired taste. Curious? Here's the wiki link: https://wiki.ffxiv-roleplayers.com/pages/Dadarupo_Boborupo Dadarupo can be described as a fusion of Anna Wintour's personality with John Galliano's talent neatly wrapped inside of a fully armed miniature tank
  6. Welcome! Make good choices and most importantly, do NOT poke, pet, or hug Lalafell unsolicited.
  7. My honest opinion? Second place isn't winning. The point of tournament is to win. To outlast all others. If Second place gets a prize for not winning, why doesn't everyone just get a participation prize and some participation money for participating in something that was optional to begin with? You are under no obligation to reward not winning. You and the other volunteers should not feel pressured to cater to the mentality that "almost" is something to be celebrated. To quote a popular Youtuber series, "That sounds like it belongs in Almost magazine. Right up there n
  8. Miqote who act like and insist they are cats all have a hereditary and eventually fatal brain condition which leads to delusions of fancy, the desire to lick ones own body, and at the final stages, they may only be able to speak in various forms of "Nyah~" and "Kyaa~". Look upon them with pity :<
  9. 5Wiio4KoGe8 I am not a fan of Maroon 5 but SZAAAAAAAAAAA Experience the magic of SZA dp45V_M4Akw
  10. Last I was aware, the Sha((n))totto was the only remaining BLM soulstone. Maybe recent lore has adjusted that, but it was very heavily debated in 2015 that on top being completely illegal to practice Black and White magics, one had to at least come in contact with that specific stone to do it, if not have it on their person to prevent self destruction.
  11. Dadarupo Boborupo is an impossible mix of and but then His magic is fashion.
  12. I'm in a period of trying to get someone to send me a Callback request on my main, so I made an alt to log in with a trial pass and...unexpectedly stumbled upon Mateus RP. I saw around 30 people in the Quicksand and more outside and elsewhere.
  13. As you make your way through the city among throngs of nobles and their retainers on errands and in merriment, your otherwise average day is interrupted by the piercing, heartstopping sound of a woman's scream in the forum just outside of the Weaver's guild. You rush toward the sound and push your way through the crowd of onlookers whose attention has also been captured by the haunting exclamation to find a Hyuran lady in formal gown collapsed on the ground seemingly reaching for the heavens. You kneel next to her; taking her hand in your own and implore what ails her so- she grips your h
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