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Looking for Au Ra (Raen or Xaela)

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OKAY So here is the thing! I'm hoping to find people who would like to RP having once upon a time been from the same tribe as Alciel Indranil. These of course would be people who have re-tribed since the original Drakareus tribe was essentially wiped out (some survivors, but not enough to form another tribe) 3-4 ish years ago RP wise.


They would mostly recognize each other, they'd recognize Alciel as well (As Aiswynd, and probably still recognize him without his red/orange hair).


Anyone up for this idea?


Tribe Drakareus

They were a moderately sized tribe that was a mish mash of Raen, Xaela and half-breeds between the two. Originally formed around Alciel Kha, who heard the voice of a 'Draken' as his Elders had described it. He left and eventually for reasons known only to him, cast aside the name Alciel Kha, and started calling himself Drakareus. The people that gathered around him initially all sought out any lore, or information they could find on Dragons.


Eventually the wanderings brought Drakareus back to the Steppes, the voice having guided him, having told him that he would need to seek it his answers there. Eventually Drakareus grew old and died, generations later the tribe went from a tiny group to a mid sized tribe who gathered all knowledge they could, no matter what. The elders were all of a scholarly, mystical sort, and a mix of genders, what mattered was they were the most knowledgeable of the tribe.


Outside of that, most things were fairly similar to other tribes, mating was strictly controlled by the women, who decided who they would be with, and who would be with them for life. A male that declined often ended up with no future prospects, however there was typically more men than women running around the tribe as it was so most grew up figuring they wouldn't ever have a life mate.


The tribe itself came to an end when another tribe who was aided by Garleans came upon them, they wiped out most of the tribe, the Garleans leaving after the battle, while the unknown tribe carried on with their lives, having collected the spoils of war, they did not however collect slaves from the few survivors, and didn't much seem to care, although all of the decent weaponry and such were gathered up and taken.


The survivors separated, some leaving to wander alone, others finding other tribes to take them in, some even wandered off together, but Drakareus as a tribe was over.

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