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[Tailor] Dadarupo's Client List (OPEN)

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((visuals pending. In-thread responses are okay!))


A few small yet carefully penned flyers are posted at the Weaver's Guild and on a notice board near the Grand Promenade in Ul'Dah.



[align=center]Lords and Ladies[/align]


The moment you have been waiting for has finally come! Master Couturier Dadarupo Boborupo is at last accepting new additions to his most exclusive client list: The Silver Five.


As many of you fashion-forward individuals may know, the average wait for apparel commission under Dadarupo has reached nearly six months to consultation. As each items is crafted and tailored with the most precise care, it can take many more moons to see your garments at completion- with the exception of the lucky individuals whose commissions fall above all others and whose names glimmer like conductive metal against the blackened ink of the mundane. With the bankruptcy of a miraculous three of these individuals, the time to act is now!


But what could one gain from obtaining such an honor? Surely one with adequate planning ability could not be inconvenienced by so simple a wait?


One mustn't assume the Silver Five merely gain convenience- for that is only a small benefit.

In addition to front-of-the-line service, Silver Five gain access to the highest degree of materials, complimentary adjustments, and the ability to request the use Dadarupo's finest creation; Arcanima Thread.


But how does one request to become such a Very Important Person?


It's quite simple! Dadarupo will meet with all who request to apply, but three will be accepted. Please bring with you a confirmation of assets.


The Silver Five List

Solmund Whyte

(requested anonymity)




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