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Hello + Question

Kekela Kela

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Hello there everyone!


I'm Kela and I love creative writing and Final Fantasy, so here I am.


I haven't done any roleplaying in game yet, although I'm looking to. So far I have only been involved in writing my fanfic series on my lodestone blog, which is basically a very extended character backstory. My priority in roleplaying and storytelling is to make sure all of the established FFXIV lore is respected, and to not add anything that would be out of place in its universe.


My main issue is that I'm on a low-pop server with basically no established roleplay community as far as I can tell (Brynhildr). What is the best way to go about establishing or searching for an existing roleplaying linkshell? I have a free company that's okay about roleplaying already. Some of the players are interested anyway.


Thanks for any advice and help!

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Hi there! Welcome to the RPC!


TO quickly answer the question, I know there's been some RP on Bryhildr, but finding it may be a little tricky.


I can present you with three chronicled Free Company/Linkshell listings I have for the server, although I cannot guarantee they're still active. (If they are, I encourage the posters to let me or a moderator know and we'll move them back to the active section!)






If you're looking to make a linkshell and you'd like it listed on the RPC, we'd be happy to have it! We recommend the master or a current leader of the linkshell post a thread in our Linkshell Hall. Currently, Balmung and Gilgamesh have their own sections due to their RP populations. For other servers, I recommend putting the server name in the title to help out. Note: The Linkshell Hall is pruned every month. To mark a linkshell as active there, someone has to post in its thread at least once a month. (even if it's just a "we're active!" notice)

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Thank you, sir!


I will look into the FC/LS you posted and see if anyone's still around. I'll have to get back with you on their status.


If it were necessary for me to start a new LS, would it be recommended to recruit first, then create and post, or create it and post first, then recruit? I don't want to clutter up this website with LSs with nobody in them, but at the same time I can't think of a good way to get the word out.

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The linkshell threads here are posted for awareness. You can do either!


In the unfortunate outcome that you'd like the linkshell to be unlisted, a request to the moderators can be made (or it can idle out).




In the meantime, if you've got any questions on lore, RPC features, or anything else, please let us know! Happy to help around. :)

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