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Dark Knight synopsis, please? NO SPOILERS

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I am planning on roleplaying Benedict as a Dark Knight and so I have done some light reading about the Dark Knight and I'm trying to get a feel for the nature of their power and abilities without revealing spoilers about the storyline. I figured I would ask the RPC to give me a synopsis without relying on story specifics. From what I gather they gain power from their emotions, but I am not sure this is exactly correct. How does this translate into magic? As it seems they do indeed wield their own form of magic. Clarification would be most appreciated. Also, if you have time please look over my wiki, as it is a work in progress, to get an idea of the character as he stands now.




Thank you for any feedback and assistance.

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Unfortunately anything other than what you already know is found in the story, so per your request, we can't really tell you much more.


You are right about emotions being the key, but the degree of importance and the way in which a DRK wields them is a major part of the story. Anything else that can be said might not make sense without referencing the source.


You will have to play through it to learn more if we can't tell you. ;-)

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That at least lets me know I'm on the right track. Thank you. I am greatly looking forward to playing through the storyline. I am currently working my way through the quest content to unlock heavensward. You take a year haitus and the whole world falls apart . . . :D Thanks for the reply.

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The story does play its hand about halfway in to the full line of the class quests, so you won't have to wait too long for the answer. That said, the drawing of emotions as an aether source is pretty much how it works without ultimately divulging many details. Think of it like the Monk's Chakra gates or a Warrior's Inner Beast.

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I got to start the DRK quest line the other day and I have a question about the fueling if your powers.


Can a DRK draw power from the dark emotions of others? This is from the first quest, "Fear, pain, rage─these dark emotions make for a potent fuel, Fray tells you. Should things turn violent, you may need to draw upon this darkness to strike down your enemies. Prepare for the worst and search the Pillars for the Temple Knights.

Oh, how they screamed when you came for them. How their cries of anger turned to fear! How you bathed in the fires of your hatred to bring them to justice. Fray's words were music in your ears as they echoed in the Tribunal, as you promised them a reckoning should they dare speak of this day again..."


It seems you use the anger and fear of the knights to help your powers. Thoughts?


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