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House of Oschon


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All that is gold does not glitter; not all those who wander are lost; the old that is strong does not wither; deep roots are not reached by the frost.”

J. R. R. Tolkien


House of Oschon is a free company for roleplayers on Balmung, named for the patron god of wanderers and vagrants. Our goal is to provide a free company where players can make friends, both in-character and out-of-character, without imposing any company themes. Characters of different employment, interests, and backgrounds are welcome. Although we have no company themes or story arcs, we do want to host in-character and out-of-character activities.


After much anticipation, we have finally obtained a house for ourselves! The purpose of the house is simply to be a residence where player characters live as tenants. Shared space and whatever relationships that form are all that bind them. We encourage people to get along out-of-character and join each other in conversation, dungeoneering, player-vs-playering, leveling, and so on! While there is no formal organization in-character, we hope to establish a group with a sense of camaraderie.


Our application process consists of submitting character information, followed by an interview with one or more officers. If you are interested or have any questions, please contact any of the officers listed below.


Momoto Chibito, Leader

Momo on RPC


Alderique Valeriant, Officer

Alderique on RPC


Arthurioux Duchamps, Officer

Tabris on RPC

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Although I'm already in a FC, this seems like a group Benedict would get behind. As posted on his wiki, his occupation is "Wanderer," so cheers! Those who call your group home can feel free to message me any time.


haha, thanks! I'll keep an eye out for you - if you see any of us around, don't be shy! feel free to send us a tell. c:

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This week in House of Oschon:


Endless Void Ark runs!  Hoorah!

Arboretum, Arboretum, Arboretum!


Ishgard RP!  (Damn it is cold)


Top mention:


Mokai!  The House of Oschon's very own butler, a sort of stray that we fed and he just kept coming back, now has a nice warm bed (on the floor) in our FC, and we have been supporting his venture to take it all to 60! (a.k.a. he makes us stuff, and thinks RP is cute, a.k.a. he work work works for us and we give him the pleasure of our company in return!)


Who knows what wonders next week holds?!


P.S. Arthur...is it Starlight Celebration yet???

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We've got our company workshop which is probably an IC work space of some sorts. We've got an airship, which we probably don't own IC, but it's there, and we're letting a mammet run off for long periods of time to pirate goods.


In the mean time theorycrafting caster and crafter auto-attack DPS



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The gang is back after their holidays, having fun, wasting lots of time on gods know what!  Things to note:


~Momo is after his Anima...OOCly of course! (Also because he loves to torture himself, his Expanse Grimoire!)


~Alderique is sexy once more!


~Arthur will be doing private modeling sessions at some point, watch for updates!


Most current RP timeline is centered in Ishgard these days, and gee-golly isn't that just great!  Fire-side meet ups, the warm glow of the kettle stove, the chilling winds keeping all those poor people "on the rocks" (literally at times).  What a great setting, and one we seek to do justice!


Last Note:

Pondering of the Week!

~Sure we can have a house party, we can even have a Quicksand party, but where is the fun in that?!  I think some Primal Aetheryte Rave action is in order, but it is hard to pick just which one would be best for that gathering?  Hmmm...the hard questions in Eorzea...hmmm....

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Me again!


Lots of excitement this week for House of Oschon!


After last night's entertainment by the gracious comapny: ~Keeper's Kiss~ which turned out to be a celebration of sorts, all the contracts signed and some of the details weighed, the House of Oschon is officially opening IC!  We have been brainstorming on what we may use the house for from time to time, as a spot for events and things, but for now, it is a place the weary wanderers to rest their heads with our company.


Special thanks to Alderique, who helped make the night great, always creative and helpful, and more special thanks to staff of Keeper's Kiss and our last minute performers: Marcellain Chavellier and Nathan Telluride, with some amazing a memorable performances!


Anyone looking for a Free Company with few strings attached IC-wise, but looking for good company and a home for their character to work and play out their own stories, please give a shout to Alderique Valeriant or Momoto Chibito, or look us up on:




Applications are short and simple, interviews are nice and easy if you are looking to join, or even if you just have some ideas for us, drop us a line!

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