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Integra Coiter - Ala Mhigan Holy Woman - Looking for RP-FC

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Hi.  My character's name is Integra Coiter and I am looking for a new RP FC.  The last one I had whithered and died along with my RP contacts and plots/stories.  I quit for a few months, but I'd like to try and RP again. I would prefer a heavy rp-fc, that's what I'm used to at least.


Integra was/is a holy woman.  I put her from Ala Mhigo and made up a lot of faction lore for her that fit as best it could within the scant few details we know about Ala Mhigo.    I borrowed heavily from WoW in it's paladin theme, lawful good, worships the Sun, things like that.  


I've RP'd on Integra a lot, she's quite fleshed out.  She's very tame, can't combat very well - she's a healer primarily as far as her magic skillset goes.  At this point after going on hiatus, I'm hoping to come back and re-establish and maybe find new friends.  I put a lot of work into Integra, she's a complicated character, I'd like to try and play around with her again.



I'm going to post some of her backstory I wrote up in spoilers, let me know what you think.


I'm available to RP during the afternoon/nights.  Eastern time zone.  I can RP during the day some, but that is going to change soon with a new job on the horizon.  





Integra Coiter


Female Midlander




Integra is a Paladin-esque character from Ala Mhigo. She belonged to an Order that were a collection of Ala Mhigan Shamans that banded together and wanted to form an Order, to give a structure for others who were lucky enough to be born with conjury talents.  They took to praising and worshipping the Sun and it’s Light as they drew on sunlight itself for their powers to fuel their healing.  



Her Order's real name was Ordinatio de Lux “Order of the Light”, and this Order speaks and writes in Latin but also Common. Integra herself speaks/writes Latin as well as Common, but rarely to never uses much  Latin around anyone for a host of IC and OOC reasons. When she does it's simply referred as her “monastery language”. The Order's “temple” is called the Monasterium, and she almost always refers to it as such.



When Integra does “beseech” the Light for combat reasons, if she is armed, her sword becomes enveloped in energy for a moment, glowing bright red before the effect is subsumed and then her sword would become extremely hot and sharp, “hot knife through butter” is a good way to imagine how she could pierce a breastplate with the tip of her sword if she drove down on something or someone. She can “shield lob” at people by forming a disc of Light energy on her shield, and sort of hammer-tossing her shield without actually throwing it can dislodge said disc and send it to a foe at range.


Her Order chiefly worshiped none of The Twelve and only pay lip-service, at best, to their existence. They do not worship any of the Twelve Gods, and consider them too narrow and limited in what they stand for and represent. Instead, they revere the Sun with a more monotheistic attitude though they don't consider the Sun to be an actual deity, its just they value a closeness with the Sun and it's sublimity, its Light. The view the Sun as the source is nearly all life in this world, and Integra is apt to point out that life as a whole can't exist without sunlight – even nocturnal beings typically find sustenance from other organisms that need light.


Her Order used their Soul Crystals, heirlooms passed down through generations, as conduits to be able to channel and draw on the Sun's Light for their power. Like Monk Soul Crystals, theirs were also quite orange – though they believed that coloring was due to generations of Light being invoked causing them to attain their color.. At the end of the day, everything she draws, summons, and uses IS aether – however that word doesn't really exist in Ala Mhigo and 'aether' is a foreign concept to her. She simply refers to what she is able to draw on as a blessing, and refers to it as The Light answering her needs.


Integra's Order was quite sanctimonious in their beliefs and practices. Very stuffy and very roman-catholic monastery themed. However with this said, there weren't nuns and friars, everyone was a priest/priestess. They weren't chaste priests and priestesses, but things like alcohol and sex, drugs and other 'trifles' were just not their concern. Integra is very typical in this regard, with an open disdain for alcohol, sex is rarely on her mind, drugs are something she won't consume – however she has a profound weakness in vanity, and spends most of her money on clothing now that she is free from the constraints of monastic life. She has a pious overtone for her personality and does view her decision making process on whether things are “good” or “bad”. Her morals get bent often with her Free Company, but they also helped her recover a new Soul Crystal after losing her old one, so she has been changing appropriately. This is where the paladin-esque character traits come in. Lawful Good, though due to plot progression she has moved into Lawful Neutral / Chaotic Lawful but only slightly.


Something in particular her Order obsessed over, something that was woven deeply into everyday life, was philosophical strengthening.  The practice of “Confiteri” or Confession was something they took extremely seriously, but unlike the typical Catholic ideal of confessing sins, they took it to mean and be something entirely different.  Confiteri was, for them, about speaking to their individual problems to someone usually called “The Listener”.  They would speak about what bothered them, or upset them, or things they didn’t understand and it was the Listener’s chief responsibility to ask questions of them in return.  In the same idea that philosophy is asking questions of the world and seeking answers to better understand it, people from her Order sought to be challenged on whatever bothered them during Confiteri to hopefully better understand the situation and become more enlightened from it.  It was less “I sinned” and more “This bothers me” and being asked why it bothered them.


Integra commonly refers to her healing as Sun-branded. Her heals are not green/blue in color, but red/orange. She is very hands on with healing, producing the restorative effects in her hands to apply to the person's injury. The healing is very heat themed. Heals feel hot, and can be searing if she wishes to turn up how much she is trying to heal someone. Everything Integra does is Sun-themed and colored as such if she can.


Integra's combat skills are average, and she will always dodge a fight if she can. At night she is much less potent overall due to having no sunlight to draw on. She can fight with her hands as well as with a sword and shield, but what she does know how to do, what her Order as a whole practiced for unarmed combat, was more throwing and defensive techniques ala Judo or other grappling-based fighting. Her Order was peaceful by nature, maybe to a fault, and naturally trended to defensive unarmed combat. With that said they were not meek peoples, they were warrior-priests at the end of the day, but it was akin to speaking softly and avoiding fights wherever they could.


Integra has a very tanned and dark complexion. However, she did not always have such golden iridescent eyes and blonde (sun-blessed) hair that shows streaks of a “bleached-blonde” in it as well.  She was also pale when young before joining her Order. She had dark eyes and hair but over the years of constantly invoking “The Light”, something she usually refers to as “Beseechment” - it has had a mutagenic effect on her body and turned her hair blonde and eyes golden. It has no real negative effects on her person, in fact her eyes are mutated to the point where glare does not bother her. She can look at the Sun directly and not be harmed from the brightness.



Below are some pictures of her



















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