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Ron's artsy room


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I honestly forgot about this site. Until someone poked me to it. *cough* Gerik Aston *cough*

Never really roleplayed that much. But anyway back onto the matter. Still growing "noob artist" so be gentle with me lol. I'm not the best artist there is but I try to always improve myself. Going from crappy to less crappy.


Also got some NSFW drawings but I don't know if those are allowed on here.


Face sketches


More face sketches


Face sketches of an old FFXIV player


NPC Ursulie


Ronberku sketches


Merlwyb Bloefhiswyn sketches


Nael van Darnus


Merlwyb Bloeshiswyn (warning-mild nudity)


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It's been a while and I honestly almost forgot about this site. Lack of ffxiv will do that to a person. But anyway with the beta approaching, I've gotten back to drawing.


Someone's miqo'te that I promised to draw for her. Not the best drawing.





Female highlander. Face and hair model based on the female highlander hidden in the alpha test. I have another drawing of her but it involves exposed breasts which I don't know if I'm allowed to post here. Let me either know in pm or here if I can post it.





My character Ronberku Vantarius.



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*swings his fishing line, pulling his thread out of the deep sea abyss*


Well to be honest, I don't have much to show. Just some face sketches for now. I'm honestly busy with spending more times focusing on gesture drawings, anatomy and basically anything that has to do with drawing human bodies. I want to move away from the usual portrait drawings and be as awesome as Shippuu or CJ lol.


In the mean time have some quick sketches I do during lunch breaks.


First comes Mtoto(I'll make you something better eventually!)



Random sketches with a Tim'a and Alothia mixed into it.



And something old that I didn't seem to have posted here.


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Haha you're welcome. But I'm not satisfied with this amount. I really want to draw him fully and interacting with Ron. I really admire that part in your art.


Thank you kindly! I would love to see that. And I'm glad people seem to be enjoying those drawings, it's the best way I can think of to interact with y'all until the game finally comes out. I'd love to see Ron and Tim'a together too!

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Another pencil drawing. This time off Shippuu Nammuu. I just love how his lalafel looks like. Not to mention his personality. I'll definately be drawing him more, such an interesting character concept. I might end up inking it on pc but don't expect it. I just felt compelled to draw with pencil and paper.


Also added the prior facial studies I did for the fun and to warm up.


(I got lazy on drawing Bravura. Sorry about it lol)




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