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Helping peeps with Error 401 - Subscribtion (EU)

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Hi all!


I've done this for a bunch of friends in community in the past. Since this is still a problem and has never really been dealt with as far as I know. Basically it prevents you from using your credit card to purchase a subscription via the Mog station. Not sure how it is in the US but for some reason even the game time cards are very hard to find in Aus gaming stores. Unless you order them online, and then you have to wait/pay for shipping etc... 


Luckily one of my friends works for a site that provides the game card serial numbers (How I buy all my game time). But those are the EU ones only. So sadly I don't think that will help the US players :( 


Long story short, if your account uses the EU game time cards, and you can't pay for time due to the Error 401 message, just send me a pm :) . Hopefully I can get you sorted. Or if you'd rather pay with gil instead of rl cashes, I can probably do that too. 


This is not bot spam, lol. Or advertising any website. I've just done this for a lot of my friends.



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