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Flaming Blade

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So I am fairly new to Final Fantasy but I have been role playing for most of teenager years. I role played back when AOL had chatrooms and sometimes in yahoo messager. I role played in WoW and also in Rift. I do have experience but I do apologize for I am still learning the lore of Final Fantasy 14. I do get nervous with trying to start a new role play with other character but I am working hard to overcome that!


Some information

Name – Flaming Blade


Gender – Male

Race – Full blown Roegadyn but is of the Hellsguard


A brief look into my character!


Flaming Blade is a Hellsguard that hailsfrom the volcanic region of the Abalathia’s Spine. Being the first born in his father’s family, his parents had great hopes that Flaming would continue the tradition of guarding the gates of the underworld. His father Spinning Blade was one who was known without the village as a master of the twin daggers, and his ability to move quickly through any battlefield. His mother, Elegant Blade was one who had mastered the art of the shadows and known for her one hit kills. Many in the village were eager to see what this young Roegadyn could not only do but what he would become in the near future. During his younger years, many of his friends and peers constantly challenged him to sparring matches in which Flaming would lose. Day after day he would return home, his mother smiling gently at him as she cleaned up his cuts and bruises.


As Flaming Blade grew, he begun to learnquickly of how to fight back and counter the moves his opponents would usually throw at him. But During these years of growth he started to feel that he had no interest in continuing with their designated path guarding the gates of the underworld. Instead he had other ideas of what he should do with his life. After the passing of his 21st summer, he left his village in hopes of becoming a renowned swordsman and warrior of great strength.  With nothing but a small copper dagger on hisbelt and a leather pack over his shoulder, he set off in what he thought would be a journey of great importance and learning.


What I'm looking for



Possible mentors for learning more aboutfighting


Romantic interests, flirts, etc.


If you want to roleplay I am mostly on at nights and usually it is better to either message me or find me at the Quicksand. I am sorry for the long post but I figured I would get myself out on the forums and do my best to make friends. I look forward to making new friends and role playing with you all!

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Up-and-coming warrior seeking fame and fortune, you say? Sounds like you need a little of the Grindstone in your life. It started as a humble Fight-Clubesque fighting tournament but has sort of ballooned into an RP hub late Saturday nights / early Sunday mornings. If you wanted to fight there, it's one way for sure to meet up with other fighter types, but there's also a ton of RP that happens just out and about during the tournament. From what I've been told, it's a solid place to make connections and meet new people!

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