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Question regarding Magitek & Aether

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Okay so we know the Aetherotransformer is capable of converting Aether into Lightning Aether for Reload, Gauss Attachment stuff & Turrets.


Is it possible theoretically in FF14 for an Aetherotransformer to be designed to load and release different elements. The reason I am asking this is to see if there is a magitek method that could be used to mimic the effects of Ninjitsu? This is so my machinist rogue could in theory, use Ninjitsu powers in RP, but not actually be a ninja since, he doesn't even know Ninjas exist as anything but some rumor and who knows if that rumor is true, but he WOULD be try and see if there is more that could be done with an aetherotransformer, and if there was a way to deploy that aether in a blast similar to what Thaums, Conjurers, Arcanists and the Aforementioned non-existent ninjas do.

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Well from what I understand, magitek technology used by garleans basically replaces everything magic used by eorzeans, and sometimes on much greater scales as well (cf huge floating dreadnoughts and weapons especially). Because well, instead of an art practitioner and long years of attuning with aether, the magitek machines do the stuff themselves for you.


You know, the same way allagan technology does the same, on a much more elaborate and advanced fashion.


That's what I understood though, and will let people more experience with the lore have the final word on that.

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