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Summons to the Dotharl

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The bustling voices of the many patrons filling the Quicksand this evening had done it's job of making her slipping in, barely noticed and claiming a seat near a particular pair at a table in the center. The only pairs of eyes that fell upon her perking ears that were required.


"Well hey there lass, you needing help with something?"


Lips pulling into a smile, she gave a small nod of her head, and brought a pair of jade green eyes, her furry tail flicking back and forth upon the seat. Leaning forward, she reached for the first man and gripped his collar, dragging him near her face, speaking in a hiss. "You two disagree, Chieftain Skar and I will make sure this is a very swift moment of pain for the two of you, and you'll wish we killed you both."


"You can't just--"


"Mind not her, that is not our intention. Yet." A fourth voice called. A Xaela woman slipped to sit opposite the Miqo'te, and looked at the two. "My name is Skar, and I would ask a favor. Of course, you'll be paid for this, but it needs to be done with the utmost importance. Kizha, release him." With a flourish of her hand, she reached down and pulled a satchel free off her belt, dropping it upon the table and glancing at the two males again. "I would only ask this, that you spread a necessary bit for me. Better to travel word of mouth rather than having it placed up, and ensure it is delivered to those like me, with horns and dark scales. Not white ones."


The second male reached for the satchel and lifted it, surprised at the slight heaviness of it. "And... what it be that you wantin' us to spread?"


Skar's lips pulled wide to reveal sharpened teeth. 


"That the Dotharl are being summoned... You have a map, yes?"




[align=center][OOC Information][/align]


[align=center]A new Xaela warband for the war tribe, the Dotharl, has been in the makings for some time. At last, we have managed to gain a time and located a place to hold our gathering. Those invited are those of the Dotharl tribe [blood, babe from a raid and adopted], and if they so will it, those they are mated to [not just a sex buddy, one you look at and go 'I cannot go without you']. [/align]

[align=center][PLEASE do not bring those who are just 'friends' with your character to it, as they will be asked to leave, especially if they are not Xaela][/align]



[align=center]December 7, 2015 - 10 PM Eastern Time[/align]



[align=center]Thal's Respite, Eastern Thanalan[/align]


[align=center]Map Location here[/align]

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