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  1. I'm really curious what kind of things Skar does that would keep her on the dark side. I'm not against Claire doing dark things though she is inclined towards good however she's also easily manipulated should Skar be the type. But yes definitely add me in game or perhaps if I know your character name I could also search and try to add you, I'm really quite interested in what you have in mind! The name is Skar Blackthorn, and yeah, definitely will explain a bit more in detail when we catch each other online.
  2. This is definitely up the alley of two things that I'm a part of. So, I'll definitely be in touch next time I see you online Claire to hopefully discuss things. Skar could most certainly use another strong arm and blade around for some things that might keep her a bit on the darker side. Unless that's what you're trying to get away from, then I still have something to build on her being a valuable individual for working purposes!
  3. If you want you can even run into Skar, who isn't entirely bad for a Dotharl, and they can chat. I'm sure Xaela friends would be nice
  4. It's entirely possible. There are Raen in the Xaela tribes and ones who trade with travelers and non-Au Ra. As a Xaela player [albeit Dotharl tribe] I give :thumbsup: to this
  5. I wish this event the best. Sadly, I'll be at work, so I can't put Skar in, or try to bid for someone ; ;
  6. The bustling voices of the many patrons filling the Quicksand this evening had done it's job of making her slipping in, barely noticed and claiming a seat near a particular pair at a table in the center. The only pairs of eyes that fell upon her perking ears that were required. "Well hey there lass, you needing help with something?" Lips pulling into a smile, she gave a small nod of her head, and brought a pair of jade green eyes, her furry tail flicking back and forth upon the seat. Leaning forward, she reached for the first man and gripped his collar, dragging him near her face, sp
  7. Something interesting to read while the server is down. As acting leader of a player tribe and interim leader of a warband, I look forward to seeing what may come of this and interacting with those involved.
  8. If we're all speaking of personal experiences, then no, I'm not having any difficulty. I chose a Dotharl [2 actually, working on leveling the second rather recently] because I knew it'd give me more to build off of. I've been there to feel the underlying conflicting tone that Dotharl did all these terrible things back in Othard, and after coming here to Eorzea, they do need to fight against that urge to kill and take as they please... But, there are outlets, ways to take care of that need if it can be called that by going after the Garleans be they the remnants in southern Eorzea or up in Azys
  9. "A new primal battle will be added. We’re keeping the details a secret for now, but there are some tips regarding this in the Rising event coming later, so please look forward to it!" things to look out for come the new event
  10. That's a good question/idea there Okichi... jots that down for Dotharl ideas I wonder really what the horns mean, though I have my Au Ra play it really carefully, only people really close to her or intimate can touch them. Others she'd stop quickly. I like the idea of them being used offensively if they're long enough. As for the decoration/ring things on the horn tips... I had run the idea of Au Ra having a link 'ring' instead of a pearl. Fashioned to sit around the very tip so it wasn't further up. Like near the space connecting horn to head, I feel it'd be better at picking up sounds,
  11. Won't lie... I absolutely cracked up reading that bit about becoming a slave to the Eorzean clock.. I cannot fathom how there's poor design choices (with the exception of the token system in Alexander that everyone can roll on less you premake a group which even then is going to be tiring) when nothing's terribly difficult except maybe the extremes. The whole esoterics cap, I literally forgot about it cause I was more focused on working on getting some pieces of old PvP gear for a look I had thought of.. since I had no RP planned at all, I barely even realized that in a matter of mere hou
  12. Currently going to work on trying to make a team now... Skar has a mighty need to get her hands and blade dirty with some beast blood.
  13. So, one of my FC members pointed out something rather simple with the so-called Eso grind. Literally, do your expert once a day, at least 6 days of the week. That's it. You'll have your 450 cap literally off that. Just leaving that there for people to think on as well since a lot of us probably just want the actual things and can deal with getting dye'able versions later on. .
  14. Honestly... Yes, some of the 2.xx grind was a bit better, but at the same time it wasn't. I won't agree with how Alexander is with the lots instead of actual gear. Made more sense then really to me. But besides that, I've not lost anything in this expansion. Maybe because I didn't invest a million things in it. Rumor mill was since before we even got the expansion that AF2 would be off eso, which would mean grinding. It's only a bad grind if you solo the grind the whole way. Will wish they made the cap 1000 instead of 450, because it means a month if for 2 pieces of any order [chest/legs,
  15. There's no proof that they can't do so.. personally wouldn't be terribly surprised if Doma/Othard did have their own language, especially on the Xaela side of the Au Ra since only maybe one or two tribes interacted with either Raen/Doman or Eorzean people.
  16. Please be aware that this is only really learned if you are currently leveling DRK and have gotten past 50... I'll put it in a spoiler, however, this DOES really apply to the Au Ra..
  17. As one who originally came back to 14 with the intention of being a DRK..So far, yes, damage wise WAR puts out the most... And they could increase the times on some of the mitigation, but besides that I believe the reason they gave us most of the MP regeneration and two stances was to purposefully stance dance, as they call it. Grit and the main rotation to get enough mitigation and especially with bosses where there's no way to stun them, blood price will always give us MP. We shouldn't be needlessly wasting it with darkside up on trash pulls unless we're speed running. damage wise
  18. For the Himaa, Skar Blackthorn [Dotharl-Himaa] While on the topic, yes, Skar's last name is just fabricated as a placeholder in the game.. and he does have a twin. And I've worked out a story of why Skar's been in both the Himaa and Dotharl
  19. Oh I wouldn't say that. Blizzard had the same type of problems with the high pop servers at their launch. It was a mess just as crazy as this on. I was there. It sucked. No I can confirm that war craft and it's launch of WoD was a god damn nightmare. You may not get to make extra alts but I would suffer that lock out versus not getting in for nearly a week and being dc'd in a matter of minutes and bugs galore with a new feature that was pathetic at best. Plus SE has it so all characters can do all the classes and jobs and crafts without a problem so in theory the lockout with cre
  20. >.> <.< http://knightskar.tumblr.com/ Made one for an Au Ra, character name is Skar Blackthorn, but the last name is just placeholder
  21. I certainly don't have a room, so I couldn't view them. But the cutscenes didn't feel that bad til 2.55 [THAT'S when the cutscenes get real] You... should? You unlock being able to go into an inn room at the Adventurer's Guilds around, like, level 15ish? And the main reason I mention skipping some is that the last big cutscenes take a couple hours. This shows that besides returning there was a large large gap between now and the last time I played... I forgot that there was such a thing as inn rooms til I unlocked the... hair stylist saturday.. or maybe it was friday? One of
  22. I would expect people to be unnerved or something of the like when around the Au Ra.. one side of them being rather isolated and the other side being skilled and versed in tribal war.. realistically, and even with Eorzea being open to the races there now, these individuals are literally just appearing... What's rather saddening, is that when Yugiri showed her face, besides the initial shock, the WoL and Alphinaud[sp?] were just 'oh okay'.. My whole level of trust would've been thrown off a bit... and now? A whole clusterf*ck of them are migrating into the scene that look like voidsent/dra
  23. Given the limitations to the Au Ra at the moment... but given that my Xaela also only has one person in his current story to be... I'm in between theory-crafting on him a bit more and solidifying what he is. However, given that... I think that [if you're open to the idea of a sort of ongoing sparring rivalry or potential contempt as a case of mistaken identity on a frequent basis] Skar and Yumei and/or Koi might mesh well. ^^;
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