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Episode 3: Calls

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I've not run this by Lysander or Sunny Dove so keep that in mind, this could be changed.


Episode 3: I wanted to talk at length about each forming guild. This will be recorded no sooner than July 7th so I hope most information about them would be out by then. I am also aware that there are a couple of people who want to start a guild but aren't listed on the guild teaser page. This goes for them and any guild which doesn't have a blurb: Send us whatever you do have ([email protected]) by July 7th so we can at least cover it.


I also would like guild leaders to call in and talk to us directly about their future guild. I know we wont have time to have every guild leader call in, but I also assume that some wont be able to due to schedule conflict, etc. This episode will be recorded (tentatively) July 7 @5pm EST. If you are a future guild leader and want to talk about your guild on the podcast, we can get you on 5-9pm. Who is interested?

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What about some leaders who might want to say something about their guild, yet they do not currently own a microphone? Could they send an email of what they wanted to say instead? :oops:

and what information should be given? Just info on the story? Goals?

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>.> I'm just now seeing this. Okay, I've never done a podcast or been on one, so can someone tell me what I need? I have an earpiece/mic that I use for Teamspeak.


In terms of information, I'll try to scramble some stuff together for you.

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Thanks everyone for coming on! I should have time to edit the episode shortly.


Oh, and Gims! If you would like to talk production with us sometime, we would love to do so. I do nearly all of the editing but my experience is quite as terribly impressive as your's. We tried recording all of our audio locally and edit them together (so each person would have their own audio track; I can even out the volumes) but we ran into issues. As far as microphone quality, Andrey and I both have the Audio Technica AT2020. I find it's a pretty solid mic for podcasting uses. Anyhow, I'm certain your advice would be useful. We are all on skype frequently so hop on there sometime and we'll have a chat. Shoot us an email with your skype account name and we'll add you.

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Don't have a Skype but I'll invest in an account once I get home from work.


I've listened to the first two and they were both really good. Keep in mind that anything I give as far as advice is going to be in relation to the production and not so much the content. You guys are gonna figure that out on your own.


I'll have a handful of suggestions and ideas for you guys if you like. Again however these things are super organic, and the only real consistency should be sound quality and format.

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