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Elemental wheel - CNJ & THM ?


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Ok so, I stumbled on your  your post there about the conflict between 1.0 and 2.0 lore concerning the elemental wheel, and since it would seem that lore still states that the full elemental wheel is a whole and single entity, how does that fit into the conjuring and thaumathurgy aspect of the lore?


More precisely, it would seem that lore indeed supports the full wheel to be a single entity accessed by both schools (conjury and thaumathurgy), besides the few obvious differences in the way they access it and deal with aether, how does that translate for both? What are the differences, and how does the way they deal with aether and their own sets of skill affects that?


In fine, how does it translates in a practical point of view?

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It doesn't translate, really. 1.0 Conjury used the elements, and 1.0 Thaumaturgy was entirely Umbral/Astral aspected aether. It wasn't until the battle rebalance that made the jobs more "traditional" in line with FF games, which is when Conjurer became what the framework is now and Thaumaturge got completely upturned into an elemental mage.


There's snippets in-game lore talking about the elemental wheel existing, but there's no instances of that being true in the game mechanics anywhere. It's all a pretty big headache.

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