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Monk mentor possibly needed?

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So hello all my fellow balmung peeps :D

So some story aspects with my character pretty much requires me to become a student under a monk. So seeing as that is now the cause with my character storywise, I thought it might be a good idea to come around and see if anyone was interested.


Pretty much my character is a summoner rp wise. She almost ended up blowing up her company leader. So after that she pretty much has been looking up ways to fight more directly to minimize area and friendly damage.


So from that she read up on the Fist Of Rhalgar and went out on a mission to retrieve a shard of a soulstone. She managed to get the shard and has been using the faint information held with in to practice her fist to fist fighting.


However its clear she needs a teacher to really learn the ways of the monk.

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