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  1. Ohhhh well that sound actually pretty good. I will not say no to new contacts really. Anyway, that is good maybe we can set something up then. In any case, my discord is in the post. Well now that it's updated fully. So feel free to add me any time!
  2. Art is done by the amazing Nokai on the fourm here. If you like a commision done by them you can [Click Here] It's been such a long while since I made one of these. However due to recent circumstances! I decided to go ahead and open it. ABOUT MOMOKA So momoka is one of the head maids of the lily garden maid agency. She is an exorcist in training born in kugane, she has the goal of aiding people in the defeat and the subduing evil spirits and corrupt aether alike. She is prideful and a bit of a sensationalist, who tends to do things with a certain flair and splendor befitting that of what Bshe proclaims as a hero that aids those that cannot aid themselves. If you meet her you're certainly in for a treat due to her constant and quirky nature. That borders on odd unique and even weird in some cases. Though she is always willing to help and not too bothered with showing her emotion on her sleeve. RP HOOKS MASTER SWORDSMEN - Momoka has no idea how to use the katana that she has in possession in that fact she is always on the look for swordmen that might be able to teach her what they know. Her end goal of course creating a swordsmanship that is very much unique to her. FRIENDS - So momoka is always looking for more friends and will not deny getting some more to talk to and have a general conversation with. ANTAGONIST - Pretty much having some villain characters that want to either make her life difficult or stoop her from performing her job properly. If you like dark rp as well this is a pretty good opportunity here. FIGHTS - Be it actually dealing with foes she needs to seal or dealing in plots where she actually has to fight and show off her skill. I am all for more types of intense fight rp. So if you need a battle maid for that then come hit me up CLIENTELE - She is actually a maid so if you need her to do actual maid work then you can also hit me up for this sorta idea. It is not off the table of course. OCC INFO DISCORD || Hitokami#2437 TIMEZONE || EST || 5pm - 8am TUMBLR || Momoka Zone *My discord link is here however that is for people that want to get in contact me to offer a roleplay. I ask that people please not spam me or I will be forced to just take that down *So in regards to time. I do work as well so sometimes the times may change or be altered. Those times are just a general idea but feel free to talk to me outside them I may or may not be around.
  3. Hi so I kind of wanted to get a second opinion on an idea I was thinking about and how acceptable that it might be. So everyone knows the sekiseigumi in kugane and how they kinda keep the peace in the region for the most part. Well I was wondering among there factions do you think it is possible for there to be special factions of them. Like maybe some sekiseigumi that train in arts made to deal with criminals who use magic. Maybe some that are trained specifically for stealth tactics. Even some trained to fight against highly skilled criminals that likely require a greater level of swordsmanship The idea I did have is for a special sekiseigumi branch that uses a special combat style that mixes magic and blade in order to deal with supernatural foes and threats. I was just curious if that seems a little way out of the blue.
  4. I just wanted to add to the thread cause I've been noticing a similar thing. In regards to events. I feel that they are somewhat lacking in some places. I mean the calendar is full of events and there are many events going on. However, a lot of those events either have really small attendance numbers. I mean I always go to a few here and there and you are lucky to even get 3-4 people in some of them sometimes. I mean don't get me wrong housing rp is okay. I mean the only really big events are the performance-based ones and usually the tournament ones. I mean I personally do enjoy the grindstone and the new magic tournament that has popped up. The performance events are really hard to get any rp done cause normally you have to watch your posting. I remember back when housing was new and a few months before the server shut. There used to be all kinds of crazy unique and interesting impromptu rp going on. You know where you could have a plot going, get tangled into some big thing by just up and talking to some people may be arguing, drinking, pushing someone up against a pillar and threatening them while people come to help out. I think as a community that maybe we need to try and get out our homes and out of the events and just try to rp around the towns and stuff for a change. It wouldn't hurt and it would promote and entice so many new rpers into the scene. That's just my two cents anyway
  5. Yeah I am hoping that kugane becomes a big hub eventually. I mean the area is really pretty and its suppose to be seamless. So I imagine the outskirts rp in that area would be way better!
  6. Sorry about not replies in a while. I just sorta lost my creative flow for a bit and I had major fc building to help with. @Gegenji That could work she is always into making contacts and friends with the local craftsmen in the area, since she finds its easier to get things at discount or to get some special deals made. So yeah we can talk about it I am quite okay with setting something up when your ready. @dawnstar Sorry and yeah we can come up with something my current schedule has me all over the place. However I am sure we can come up with something Updates: So for the time being I have altered Hitokami into a lalafell rather then an au'ra due to change in some key character concepts. So I just wanted to make that known! ^^
  7. Honestly this was something that bound to have come at some point. There is only so much..water you can put in a bowl before the water just starts to overflow over. This does suck for those that really wanted to get rp and really do want to rp. Heck I would be more then willing to give up some of the many rp trolls we have for some people that actually want to participate. It is going to really suck for the smaller rp fc's on Balmung on the recruitment angle. I mean even with the new players most people just want to join your linkshell or drop an alt in your fc that they ever really plan on playing. So no new players will surely see some smaller fc's suffering for a little while. Though all and all despite this I'm think I will stick to Balmung anyway. I mean I've been rping on it since 1.0 so unless the entire rp community up and moves server. I think I am likely gonna stay. Honestly this if anything is a lesson that the community as a whole has to work harder in the whole alternative rp world idea and not putting all our eggs in one basket. Hopefully the lock isn't for to long! At this moment the options are really to transfer to an alternate server or bare with it and see what happens.
  8. @Y'ldya Yeah I think sharing stories over drinks icly is a really nice ice breaker for rp~! As for the timezone. It shouldn't be to much trouble there I generally tend to be up into the late hours more so, so I am most active during the evenings of my timezone. Though yeah sounds great we will surely plot @Dawnstar Thank you! its really nice to get a compliment its a type of rp character I've never personally have done so its super interesting for me. Though yeah polar opposites sounds interesting..! I would not mind rping with your cat sometime ^^! Also if I might ask which timezone? @SafetyGoggles I got your inbox! ^^
  9. [align=center]Hi there!~ If your are reading this now then welcome to my little place of advertisement. So I've been looking for some new rp partners and just some new rp contacts for a character of mines. So I am putting this out here in hopes of grabbing some people that might be interested. So below are some details! If any of this is something you would like to do then please drop me a contact. Timezone and contact details will be below.[/align] [align=center][/align] [align=center]Character: Hitokami Hinoke[/align] Hitokami is a well smith of the Hinoke clan, residing in the island of kugane. Hitokami is know for her expertise in the smithing and her talent in dealing with mechanical objects. A technician when it comes to magitek she applies them to help her clients and to become a better smith over all. Currently she resides in uldah undercover in an attempts to aid her teacher's sister in what ever capacity she can. All the while taking in the culture of eorzea and finding out about it in general. [align=center]Personality: [/align] Hitokami has a open attitude, not known to hold her words she can speak in vulgar ways. A known flirt it is not uncommon for her to compliment a pretty face on the spot should she see something appealing to the eye. She is a hard worked and a loyal friend and when in combat she can be quick on her feet, if she isn't taunting, she is using her words and her movements to directly control the flow of battle to her advantage. [align=center]What I am looking for[/align] Clientele! Hitokami works as a smith even in eorzea and so she required people that likely need things crafted. If it has to deal with metal or perhaps has to deal with making specialized device. I would like to get some of this rp done if I can help it. A Drinking Buddy! I would like to kinda get more involved with the quicksand and random rp in it. However I feel this is much easier accomplished with two people in conversation. So a buddy for drinks would be great ^^ Romance Plots! I am atual quite a sucker for a good long term romance plot. So if that is your thing and you want to give it a shot. Then by all means ask me and I will see how this goes. I however do want to do a really good romance rp sometime! Long term Rp! So its been a while since I've done any real long term personal plots. So I would really like to do less one shot rps. So I would be okay with plotting and working on something like that [align=center]Additional Things[/align] Discord & Outside Contact Methods! This one be a deal breaker...however I do like to keep in contact to discuss plot and also to keep track of the person I am rping with. Though this is in a long term rp since. You don't really have to have either for one shot stuff. [align=center]Contact info[/align] Pretty much I have a discord but as to avoid trolls & spam. Just drop me a pm on this site or in game. Then I will add you on discord My timezone is: (EST)
  10. Okay guys so again I am in need of a few things rp wise. So I am reaching out yet again to see what I can. So look bellow and you shall see! What am I looking for? So I am looking to try to explore a more morally grey side of my character a the moment. In this case I am looking for rp that generally involves research that is done for the greater good, that shift into realms of experimentation that may be frown on or considered an extreme. So anyone that rps researchers that do this or even better has an ls or open rp fc that deals in that type of rp. That would be great and the thing I am looking for! Contact Information IG: Seia Sohana You can also contact me here on the fourm or even reply to this thread.
  11. [align=center][/align] [align=center]Basic info![/align] [align=center]A researcher of marvel and a master of the aetheric scientist. Seia is a troubled woman faced with the many tragedy that have befallen her. Where she was formally cold she has realized and has a want to be who she is and help all those she can with great fanfare. She is eccentric, flirty with a flare for the thematic. However a serious combatant quick to be ready to fight or take action when the need arises for it.[/align] [align=center]Occupation[/align] [align=center]Seia is currently a seeker for the menphina's Lantern humanitarian company and does various charities so the realm be better as a result. As a seeker she is charge with dealing with magical problems that arise. The paranormal and unknown, the unexplained and aetherial. It it is something beyond the metaphysical you can be sure she'll be first on the scene.[/align] [align=center]Rp Details[/align] [align=center]Heya everyone I hope you enjoyed reading that. I am currently looking for people that may want to rp some things with seia. I am generally online most times and really always looking for some rp to pass the time when I am on. In any case pming me in game is very much welcome and open and replying here is also very much a thing you can do. Seia Sohana is the name my character go by.[/align] [align=center]Possible Rp Openers[/align] [align=center]-Seia puts up flyers for her job so contracting her for aetherial work or asking her about a problem is usually good[/align] [align=center]-Coming up to her randomly and just talking with her is pretty good.[/align] [align=center]-Humoring her random inventions is also a good way to get some rp with her.[/align]
  13. Hi and if you are reading this now thank you for taking a look. So pretty much my character Seia has just lost someone very important a friend that she held quite dear. The death of her friend has prompted he to take a step back and look back into her void hunting technique and just the ways she could have fought and how she could have made things end differently. As a result she has come to the conclusion that her void hunting technique has grown dull and that it might be wise for her to find a scale that will allow her to fight, while keeping others out of risk and even defending them. After reading a book on the paladins and the way that there skills allowed them to fell ogres and use there magic to subdue ashkin as well as protect people they hold dear. She found it time to seek out a free paladin in order to learn the skill and apply them. ---- So pretty much what I am really asking for is a paladin that is preferably free. As Seia has no interested in really joining the sultansworn. However if a sultansworn paladin was willing to train her and not try to induct her into the order. That would also work as well. So pretty much I am really just kinda looking for a paladin teacher for this story arc and would be really interested in anyone willing. You can contact me in game @Seia Sohana on blamung or just reply or pm. All are honestly fine with me!
  14. Oh seia would just adore having some more fellow void hunter to compare notes and share information with. So I feel free to send me a tell in game on seia sohana
  15. I can likely accommodate likely Aza, I have you added in game I think
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