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Looking for RP!

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[align=center]Lofen, age 23[/align]


Lofen's introdcution:

[align=center]"My name is Lofen, a keeper who only a few months ago was kidnapped into slavery leaving his home in a blazing fire, escaped to then hiding in Lominsa, saved by a stranger and worked my way through debt. Now learning to become a Arcanist, I am working as a merchant's apprentice trying to gain gil without getting killed..."[/align]



Anyways, hi everyone! I am here looking for contacts and for Lofen to make friends. In short I would say Lofen's personality is timid but is very energetic when relaxed. He would love to help out anyone he can whether it will be with social, combat, even trade or just have a conversation.

:) So, feel free to hit me up in-game or through the forums!

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\o/ Me! Me! ME! Pick ME! PLEASE Pick me!!!


Errm...sorry! Add Noa Lanbatal in game, I'd LOVE to meet with you and see what sort of character you have, possibly create some connections and even get you involved heavily with some epic RP!

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