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New person here!

Tallis N

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--MMORPG background



This is second MMORPG in a very long time. I used to play Runescape ages ago but FFXIV is the second MMO that I've played and actually enjoyed. I was surprised that I actually liked it so much. I started playing after my boyfriend introduced me to it and haven't stopped playing since.


--RP experience



I've been RPing since I was ten years old and I'm now twenty-two. So, I've been going strong for twelve years. Although, I am very new to the whole FFXIV rping though. I've mostly been on forums or tumblr to say the least. I started off on Neopets, moved to Proboards, and then made my way to Invisionfree and now Jcink for the past year and a half. I really want to integrate myself into the FFXIV rping community and make myself some long lasting friends and just improve my writing abilities as well as have a good time.


--Character ideas/info



Well, currently I have one character on Balmung (whew) and her name is Tallis Nymeria. She's a Sun Seeker Miqo'te who is studying to be a monk. I understand that I didn't her a conventional lore name but I think Tallis Nymeria is the prettiest name and I sort of have worked it into her story. 


The whole idea for her is that she has been stepped on her entire life, by family members, romantic partners, and just assholes in general and she's finally learning to fight back and hold her own. I am looking to explore her back story a little bit more through different rps and writing on my own. 


--How did you learn about the coalition?





--What kind of a role-player are you aiming to be? Light, medium, or heavy?



I'm kind of hoping to be a heavy role-player as I learn the ropes of FFXIV roleplaying. I don't want to mess anything up or you know, not being within lore rules. But as of right now, I'm probably a light to medium role-player.


--Anything from real life you're comfortable with sharing? (Work, school, hobbies, etc)



I'm 22 years old and am currently working full time as a chef in a long term care facility. I work six days a week in either the early afternoon or evening, so I usually get onto FFXIV in the later evening. I'm also saving up money to go back to school to study Computer Sciences because I really want to work in IT. I realized that cooking just isn't for me even though I've been doing it for ages now. 



I'm also really into Harley Quinn, Spider-man, and Margot Robbie. I'm also a huge comic book nerd and attend whatever conventions I can manage to go to. I also blog on tumblr quite a bit. In between work and blogging and playing FFXIV, I also make my own cosplays as well as trying to learn how to draw. 



I'm a really friendly person and I love making new friends and I don't know, I hope to meet a lot of you in game and perhaps even roleplay a bit. But anyways, I suppose that's all!

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Welcome welcome! *confetti*


I'd love to RP with you! Feel free to PM me or send a /tell if you'd like to as well. My wiki is linked in my signature if you wanna take a peek. Overall, Rihxo's pretty bubbly and happy, so they might get along pretty well. ^^

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Welcome to the RPC!!


Nef is a keeper who has left home after getting fed up with their stuff as well so she knows where  Tallis is coming from. The lack of a Seeker clan designation can be perfectly IC if they have cut ties and gone clanless.


If you are looking for any more racial lore info THIS POST is a great place to start.


Hope we cross paths sometime!

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