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Lost and Alone.

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Hello there!


So this thread is to try and find some connections for my Au Ra Shilugei.


I apologize if the thread is short, I tend to get right to the point without much fluff.


I'll describe the my character as much as possible without revealing too much (I prefer for people to come to their own conclusions through Rp)


Shilugei is new to Eorzea, as such he has a limited understanding of the language. He is a Xaela however, despite his fierce appearance he is rather tame, some would call him shy though it could be because he is in unfamiliar land with very few friends.


I have a few story line's that I am currently working on but it's difficult when you have a limited amount of Rp friends.


That being said, i'm not terribly picky when it comes to Rp I enjoy all aspects (Wouldn't mind finding a romantic partner, male or female, though I prefer it to be built up through Rp) All I ask is that you are respectful and can type without the use of numbers or abbreviations.


A little about myself:

I have been Rping for 10 years now, both online and through table top, I am easy to get along with and can roll with any story line that I am put into.


I think that's about it......yeah that's it. If you are interested please post here or look for me in game, I'm always up for Rp and random encounters so don't hesitate to contact me ^_^


Once again sorry for the brief description and short thread.

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Hi Shilugei!


Assuming you are on Balmung, I'd love to have Maqali meet you. I'm newly returned to the game myself and am working my way back towards active RP - like Shilugei, Maqali is Xaela, but due to her fostering knows very little about the culture she should have been a part of. It's something she both wants to explore and struggles with - especially as she learns things like 'wait, I have to catch it, kill it, clean it, AND cook it?!'


Maqali's not an adult yet so she'd not be a potential romance partner, but there could still be some fun RP to be had with her having someone around to show her Xaela things!


Oh, and don't mind the Miqo'te in the picture to the left. That's my original character, S'janna Rahz, who has since retired. I haven't yet gotten a good picture of Maqali to put in there.

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Poor, Shilugei. I feel sorry for him being all alone. My Character Suna is also a Xaela and a bit shy herself. However, she is all ways willing to help especially since she is curious about other Au ra in general. (She's never seen any outside her family)


They might have a bit of a language barrier since she has lived in Ul'dah most of her life.  That might be a recipe for some funny interactions.


If you wanna Rp sometime I am mostly on Mondays and Tuesdays. Or morning hours around 4-5am Central Time.

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Hey Shilugei!


If you want to RP sometimes I have two (maybe three?) characters you can RP with. Two I wiki pages for if you want to check them out, they're in my signature. The third I don't have a page for (yet) but she's a Raen Au Ra in case if you'd like to RP with Au Ra.

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Hello Suna and Miyakitt!,


I would love to Rp with the both of you at some point! Suna I'll try to catch you in the early hours or like you said Monday or Tuesday either one of those days should not cause an issue.

I think the conversations between them could certainly turn comedic as Shilugei is unused to the dialect spoken in Eorzea and a few things could be taken the wrong way or too literal.


Miyakitt, I think Shilugei and Kai would get along famously! Shilguei came from the Qalli tribe which were known for music and song, I think there is certainly the potential for close friendship between the two :) In any case I will look for you both in game and look forward to Rping with you guys ^_^

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Hi! I'd love to RP with you sometime! I have a privileged, thrill-seeking Wildwood, a broody and depressed Duskwight, a bitter and bitchy Duskwight, and an impish, laid-back Raen. The Raen, Tatsu, could speak to him in Doman if he's more fluent in that than the Eorzean common tongue. Let me know if you're interested in meeting any of my characters.

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