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[Flyer] Unidentified mi'qote female wanted - CLOSED

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((This format looks fun, let's try something out! Feel free to hit me up ingame for any follow up on this or ideas you might have!))



Unidentified foreign female miq'ote, cream-coloured hair, small stature, black boots and tunic, wanted alive for trespassing into the restricted area around Castrum Meridianum.



Any information on her location to be forwarded directly to the Brass Blades or the Flames of Uldah.



500 gils on information, 5.000 gils for crucial information leading to her location or a more accurate facial description.

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R'elend looks at the flyer and grins, "Oh ho... kitten must 'ave pissed someone off."


He takes note of the description, "Must 'ave been another company 'at put out the bounty." The Brass Blade tears a copy off the wall and then walks off whistling.


"Time to make some drinking money."

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As he lazily glances over one of Ul'dah's message boards, Aekira takes note of a particular flyer. With a perked brow, he reads it over. "Hm... Miqo'te female... wanted alive. I could do it," he mutters, until his gaze falls to the reward.


The Hyur lets out a sigh. "Sure, quick Gil, but not a lot." Nevertheless, he pulls a copy of the flyer before he starts off. "Who knows," he muses, "Maybe I'll come across something."

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[align=center]Stroud pulled the flyer posted along the notice board, looking it over in both hands from behind the veil of his golden mask. 'How incredibly vague...' He thought to himself, before folding it neatly and sliding it into his waist pouch. 'Castrum Meridianum... If memory serves that's a Garlean holding. If nothing else I should be most pleased to meet this woman.' He ran a hand through his brilliantly blue hair and moved to the Quicksand's bar to begin pursuing a lead. With the demand for entertainment at a low with the holiday season, it's not as if he had any other source of income. [/align]

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Raih was casually browsing a noticeboard when she spotted something of interest. A smile tugging at the side of her mouth, she leaned forward and read it over again, "Huh... kinda sounds like S- oh. Shit," she murmurs under her breath. Swiping the flyer off of the noticeboard, she folded it up and put it away in her pocket. She looked back at the noticeboard with a slightly concerned look, before she turned on her heel and sauntered off. She would be keeping an eye out for the miqo'te mentioned, but not for the gil reward.

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[[ Just to make people know that the thread is still ongoing, don't hesitate to grab me ingame if you see me roaming about in Uldah, it's fair game! I'm in Uldah a lot currently ]]

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