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Woah look who it is again


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So uh... It's been awhile! Some of you might remember my old character, Fenenoix. Ran with the Grindstone for awhile. Due to financial stuff, I had to drop my sub, but I recently picked it up again! And rather than try to explain where Fenenoix has gone off to all this time... I just made a new character, instead. A scrappy little Miqo merchant named Eunoia Anbolho. Hopefully we'll get to RP sometime, Euny hangs around Ul'dah, where she sells her wares.


As for me, I've been RPing on and off in various games for years, most notably swtor, Rift, and GW2 (and FFXIV, of course). I'm super nice and friendly, but shy! Pleased to meet (or remeet) you!

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