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  1. As Amnesic said, grammar and the likes will get better over time so don't worry too much about it. For plenty of us, English is a secondary or third language. That said, if you have Discord, my tag is Random Encounter #2480, feel free to add me (Offer is open to anyone else interested too!). Would make chatting about possible RP much easier.
  2. I'm always game for new meetings and friendships for my characters! Relationships though...I rather have roleplayed with a person for a while before touching those. Would love some adventuring RP, unfortunately, if romance is needed before anything else I can't help you there. Feel free to drop me a line if your interested in some RP that isn't necessarily romance thought and best of luck in your search!
  3. Main server people Roleplay on is Balmung, which happen to be the hardest to get on short of transfer due to high pop. As for how is the RP/Environment, really depends on what you are looking for/time of day you play. You can find just about anything, granted some things you need to look harder for then others. Virella Beat me to it. As she said, best of luck if you decided on FFXIV!
  4. I have a few alts sitting at 50 on Balmung I can toss your way if no one else can help ya. Would prob have to be during a week end though, since I work graveyards and I do believe both need to be present.
  5. Welcome back! Hope to see ya in game.:moogle:
  6. Welcome back to FFXIV! Hope you find some fun people to hang around with again. If I happen to run into you in game, I'll make sure to give ya a friendly poke.
  7. Been a while since I touched a wiki and the characters I had up there are either no longer a thing, or have been changed/renamed. Is there a way to deleted and/or rename a character wiki from the database?
  8. Hey there, welcome back to FFXIV and the RPC! As for the Quicksand thing, as others said, a LOT of wallflowers and shy people so probably nothing wrong on your side. That said, if I ever see you around, I'll be sure to give you a friendly poke!
  9. Hi there! Being someone with a somewhat odd work sched myself, I know from experience it can be a tad hard to find people to mess around with online at late hours. If I see you in game, I'll be sure to throw a tell your way to see if there is anything we could come up with. Either way, hope you find some people to run around with soon, mmos are much more enjoyable with some company!
  10. Hey there and welcome to Balmung! Hope enjoy yourself and make new friends on our server!
  11. Yay for more new faces! Welcome to Balmung, hope you have a good time here!
  12. Welcome to Balmung! New friendly faces are always a good thing, hope to run into you in game at some point!
  13. Would have loved to join this on NIN/BRD/MNK or MCH (All in the 205range) but sadly I tend to not be home till a tad later and my pocket heals only has voice available on the week ends. Shame you couldn't get more bites =/
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