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Finally on Balmung!

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Hello, everyone.


I'm SkyBoundFencer, and I've just completed the transfer from my old server to Balmung. Well, it's on the wrong continent for me since I'm European, but I hear that's where I'm more likely to find RP. So, here I am.


I have some experience with MMORPGs, mostly with World of Warcraft where I was a raider for a while. My RP experience is far greater than that, though, as I've been roleplaying for... what feels like ten years, now? I've mostly roleplayed on message boards (PbP), but I did roleplay on WoW, too. I'm still new on FFXIV (not even level 30 yet), but I like the game quite a bit.


My character is Iyrnnahct Toffahrsyn (Wiki page). A fairly simple character to start with, I didn't want to start with anything too complex or too dark in a setting I'm not 100% familiar with. He should be fun, though. 


I learned about the coallition from Reddit, because I was looking for the best venues for roleplay on FFXIV. I'm very much a medium roleplayer through and through, and have chosen to make a character which can adapt to both serious and funny situations. 


I look forward to meeting you in game!

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Welcome to Balmung, and the RPC! *confetti*


It's nice to see another former WoW RPer on here, so yay for that as well. If you'd be interested in RPing sometime, feel free to check out my wiki that's linked in my sig!


Rihxo's pretty happy and agreeable, so they should get along pretty well, based off what I read.


Shoot me a PM or a /tell if you see me! ^^

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Welcome to Balmung and the RPC! If you have any questions, feel free to ask. Someone is bound to have an answer or be able to point you in a direction. If not, well we can blunder about together.


You mentioned being European so I do want to say that there's plenty of European Roleplayers on Balmung.


To name a few resources, there is the Europa Linkshell but it seems the current head didn't keep it updated??? There are also a few FCs who are mostly EU as well. The FC I am in is mixed... with a larger amount of EU players (French and German) than there are NA players! In fact I think I'm one of two Pacific Coast USA players...


There is also this directory here ;3 http://ffxiv-roleplayers.com/showthread.php?tid=9233&pid=127019#pid127019 which I see you found xD

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Thank you everyone for your warm welcome! I'll definitely take up those who offered interaction sometime.


I went to the Quicksand to see what was up; I heard it was kind of a hub, in the same way Cathedral Square was a hub in WoW: the quality may not always be there, but there's roleplay at least. But hey, I was surprised; from what I did see, everyone at least made an effort to type. Pleasant! Still, I know it's hardly indicative of everything.


I'll also check out some of the events. Actually, that Sunnyside Bar event sounds good, so I'll probably attend that when the time comes.

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