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Step into my office :3

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*Following some of these IC looking for contacts thread, also breaking the fourth wall like my cousin...who may or may not realize his Seeking connection thread is in Events section. :3 Coding can do that to a person sometimes*




[align=left]"So glad to see you dear, hrm...'Reader.' Yes, 'Reader.' And welcome to my humble office." Her eyebrows quirked as she leaned back on the red chair she sat on. "Such a silly question, 'Where is your office" A chuckle escaped the Elezen's lips before quieting herself. "Well the 4th ward and 3rd plot of the Lavender Beds of course! If the placard says Roots-Estate or something, you're already on the right track. Would you care for a drink? The mini-bar's behind you. I've a few books for you to peruse and comfortable South Sea couches to lounge on. Honestly you can bring your friends and they can lounge around while we get to business."


"So tell me dear 'Reader' what exactly brings you to the doorstep of this particular adventurer? A job perhaps for a pair of shortblades, maybe you'd like it clean and quick." Grabbing the aforementioned weapons she jabbed one on the table. "Or maybe a bit more...extravagant? I'll have you know these...blades of mine were remade from a stock of lesser quality into these fine instruments by quite the unexpected and yet talented smith, no doubt. Gegenji made blades, I hear they're a renowned family of Doman smiths." She pulled the blade out of the desk and slotted it back behind the cover of the wooden desk. A clear mark left on the table. 


"Perhaps you're here for something more...carnal? Perhaps you've heard of me, or perhaps not. Ul'dah was where I used to ply my other vice. And wouldn't you know it, I still do." A firm nod and proud, shameless smile danced on her lips. "Don't look at me like that. If you've come here knowing nothing then now you know, if you've come here knowing about it, then don't be shy." An exasperated sigh escaped her lips as the smile faded and her shoulders sagged. 


"Ah but perhaps you're an Ishgardian looking to haul me back to my 'uncle'" Her fingers raised and quoting the air. "I don't know if he's still my uncle for appearances but you can tell my father, his bastard daughter is not going to go back and stay back in Ishgard any time soon. And if you're looking to use force." She chuckled, the air almost charged as her arm cackled with the excess discharges of the dark aether the fueled her. And as sudden as it came the malevolence left but there was a marked change in her tone.


"Maybe you're not here for any of the above." She leaned forward, propping her elbows on the desk, grabbing the bottle of Eorzean red and pouring two glasses, handing one over to you, dear Reader.


"Tell me then, what you're here for. Mayhap there's an agreement to be found here. Mayhap your idea is exactly what'd tickle my fancy. Who knows, oui?" She raised her glass and took a sip looking expectant.




I'm always on the lookout for adventure, take my feet somewhere and just travel the world really. 


Actual DRK training would be splendid though. But less on the martial and more on the Darkside yes? Specifically controlling such a power.


I may sound like I don't know what I want and you're probably right. So I'm taking the lazy route and hoping someone pitches something to me. Yes I'm the kind that works on existing ideas and see how else to tweak it. Original ideas sort of...elude me I think ;w;



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I'd be willing to have Mhaya give some DRK training, if desired! It's something I've been working with for a while now, and trying to get more people interested in. You're more than welcome to friend me in-game and we can talk in more detail about it at your leisure.

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