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Ishgardian noblewoman & thaumaturge, looking for many connections!

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Hello all!

I'm looking for new connections. Feel free to read the following sections as you please!




[align=center]Melisande d'Hildegarde[/align]

[align=center]A short overview of her background.[/align]



> She's the first daughter of Lord Adhémar d'Hildegarde and Lady Aurore d'Hildegarde, House Hildegarde being a minor noble House pledged to Dzemael House.


> As an ishgardian, she had the reputation of a quiet respectable woman, most unlucky as her 3 brothers died during the war, and the man she was about to marry in a political arranged alliance was 'officialy' murdered by heretics. And the second one left to the North. 


> She traveled a long time in Eorzea soon after her brothers' death while the House withdrawn from the public scene to mourn the death of the male heirs.



> She became the apprentice of a thaumaturge master named Zagi'zi Kumai. After reporting a major incident involving her life and the attack of a lowborn criminal (I'm looking at you Kudros!) she made Za'gizi an official ally of her House, introducing him as a guest in Ishgard with the status of "reknown voidsent hunter" and "unmatched thaumaturge master". 


> As a matter of fact, she's curious about all things related to aether and the way she could "use it". She'd be most curious to meet other mages but will find little interest in other forms than thaumaturgy. 


> She have many enemies, amongst them voidsent and mainly a one called Lilith. She stands against all that she would perceive as a potential threat to Ishgard. 


> Lately, she has returned to Ishgard, calling herself the Divine Conduit of Halone's will. The rumors on her begun to cristallize around her words on a war against voidsent fiends, her ominous reminder of the Horde's shadow, and her actions to restore the faith in the Fury by all means (mainly by charity, and speeches, though she'd not hesitate to go to violent extents against whoever would proudly insult Halone). 




[align=center]House Hildegarde[/align]

[align=center]"By the balance of Her spear will all be set free"[/align]

[align=center]The coat of arms of the House represents a mounted knight on a chocobo, piercing the flank of a dying scared dragon with a spear.[/align]

[align=center]An overview of the House's background.[/align]



> They have been greatly involved in the war as far as the history of the House could go. The coat of arms have been fashionned by Mel's great ancestor Lucienaux-Anselme d'Hildegarde to represent his glorious battle against the wicked dragon Lrmekt, sending his family into nobility.


> They still have a reputation of devouts (fanatic zealouts would the proper term), and Melisande was educated by the Scholasticate.


> Lord Adhémar has the reputation of a scholar leaving a quiet life, not a warrior at all, kind and good-hearted.


> Lady Aurore has never be seen in public again since the death of her sons. She was part of the Inquisition. She was praised for her blinded faith and the good education she gave to her children (mainly teaching them to value blood heritage, purity of the elezen race, scorn towards outsiders, and duty before one's own happiness). 


> Actually, rpers are playing Mel's cousine (Camille), Mel's potential husband who fled north (Simeon), Mel's secret bastard half-brother (Sebastian) and Adhemar's best knight (Jeanvirgaud).




Where can she be found?

> Ishgard - mainly the cathedral as she is often seen there praying the Fury.

> Ulda'h - she has spent quite some time wandering there when travelling, mainly to buy sellswords and argue with the filthy outsiders.



What am I looking for?

> Ishgardian connections - I'm having great fun with the rpers from the LS but I'm always looking for new ishgardian people to meet! 

> Mages connections - I'd be glad to meet other thaumaturges and/or even adepts of forbidden arts (shhhh!)

> Voidsent - We should be enemies!

> Relatives - if you want to play someone of House Hildegarde I'd be delighted to welcome you! It has been actually shared and improved by Zagi'zi and Camille, so that is totaly teamwork's fruit!




Importants things you should know:

> I'm in UTC+2 time-zone and working on week days. Basically, if you can't be online before 8 PMEST the only way for me to rp with you would be on week-ends.

> I'm not an english native, I can make language mistakes and feel free to inform me if I do : )

> I'm always looking for lore coherency and information, do not hesitate to teach me a few things, I'm interested. 




Thank you for reading this presentation!

Feel free to /tell me or PM me to make our characters meet. I'll look forward to it!


Edit: > Melisande wikipage for more information <

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*Kicks down door* 

I want to RP with you!


Nanagi Nagi is a Thamaturge and Astrologian who has just recently starting researching about Aether. She wasn't sto learn the in's and out's anything she can find out about Aether.


She can be found mainly in Ul'dah and Ishgard. Ul'dah is where she is from and Ishgard is where she is going for her Astrologian training.


I would love to meet you sometime in game and I do hope it can be soon. If you would like to know more about me or Nanagi, just click on the links in my signature. ^_^

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Hiya, I'd love to RP with you! Your character's backstory sounds awesome!


Rihxo doesn't know much (if anything) about magic, but she's a curious and happy girl, so she'd at least be willing to talk and learn about it, even if she can't use it worth anything.


Shoot me a /tell or a PM if you'd like to RP! ^^

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SilentNight> Hey ^^ Sure, I'd be glad to! But please consider that Mel is not a nice person towards outsiders/other races, unless they match her very high expectations. For instance, she tends to ignore au'ra or even bully them - you know, just because they're au'ra. So, don't expect her to teach anyone anything xD


Maariya> Sure, let me know. Same thing though, Mel is ishgardian-centered, there's little chance she'd be of good company towards strangers if she does not have any reason to be.

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Oh, yes! Hihi! Madda may be interested in RPing with you!


Towering Peach is a grizzled middle aged femroe that's seen a lot of action and always in search of interesting people. She has a bit of a companion following her, but she's a skilled fighter with a sword and shield. 


Maybe do you have any interest in any servants of anything?

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Madda> Servants, not if they're not elezen, that would not do in Ishgard. But she does not mind having sellswords or -acquiantances- on her side outside the holy city, as long as they mirror specific values or does serve her interests : )


Ah, okay! Madda has always had an interest in roleplaying an Elezen! Can Madda PM you later about some possible ideas about it?


Maybe Towering and the Lady could meet one day! Madda is in the EST timezone though.

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I heard thaumaturgy and came running!


I mean wut


"Well hello there, Kurt Steel, amateur thaumaturge, and you must be the mono-- I mean the one looking for other thaumaturges? Think I can't trouble you to share a little of what you know." 


*Puts down a platter fresh croissants.*


"And if you need a sellsword to go do the dirty things for gil. Might I also recommend myself?"


*Puts down a business card*

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GhostlyMaiden> Sure! If you're in UTC zone it will be very easy to spot me online on the evening. I'll be there tonight, don't hesitate to add me : )


Wanted to apologize for not being able to RP with you over the weekend. I will be on all weekend, so i'll be sure to look out for you whenever I am online.

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I'm always on the lookout for folks to meet. My current w.i.p. alt might get along with her, though they may not see perfectly eye to eye on politics. 


Aulsoix is the second son from a minor house, who acquired nobility through intermarriage with a daughter of house Dzemael many centuries ago. Prior to the calamity, they ran a mine in the Western Highlands.  When the area became unlivable, they sought refuge with the great house, but where turned away.  After some time to consider, he left Ishgard to pursue a life elsewhere, currently working as an archaeologist in the employ of the Ossuary, specializing in relics of the War of Magi.  


He has no love for how Ishgard has stagnated in its traditions, and largely supports any movements to better and change the nation, much to the ire of many of his countrymen.  But who knows... they might hit it off where magic is concerned.  Or they could hate each others guts.  Either could be interesting!

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LadyCleriseaux > Sure, I'll try to pm you online then : ) Though Mel is not someone particularly "sweet" and might not be a good person to "better oneself". Definately not in fact, she kindda have an "abrasive" temper :P


Reiner> Sure, feel free to walk up any time!

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