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The Third Annual Royal Ball of Ul'dah - (Date TBA)

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The Third Annual Royal Ball of Ul'dah[/align]

This is a public notice to invite the citizens of Thanalan once again to a celebration to be held by Her Majesty, Sultana Nanamo Ul Namo. This blessed event, which is to be a Royal Ball, is to be held in the City of Ul'dah at a date to be announced. This event is open to all, by Her Highness' kindness, even to citizens of other nations. Due to the recent events involving the House of Ul, the Sultansworn, seeing to security of the city and Her Majesty, shall have only a supporting role in this event. Lead planning shall be under the command of Flame Captain Eirikir Mynhier, supported by his unit, The Red Wings. Anyone wishing to volunteer their aid with this most joyous event shall seek out the Flame mentioned above. Please keep watch for further details of this event.


Ser. Eirikir Mynhier, FCPT



((Well it is time again for some server-smashing fun, round 3!!! As with last year, Her Majesty will not be able to attend, but again She sends her love to all her guest and subjects. :D I'll add info as I get it as I did last year and the one before. So keep an eye out and tell your friends.


See you all there.

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