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LFRP Noelle Cleriseaux

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Looking to make connection on my lovely Elezen. Her wiki needs updating so I'll put as much info here as I can think of.


Full name: Noelle Iseult Cleriseaux

Race: Elezen

Clan: Duskwight

Citizenship: Ishgardian


Noelle is a former knight turned Scholar after an a mission gone wrong caused her to lose her sight. Her family is minor nobility, and a vassal house of House Haillenarte. Their symbol is a white Lily on a red background. She currently serves as the leader of her house in lieu of her missing brother. Her house is very militaristic, however in order to keep coin flowing they have a number of merchant deals and they also breed chocobos as a side venture.


Noelle herself currently serves the Ishgardian military as a tactician and healer when necessary. Rarely is she on the front lines.


Characters who might know her: Knights/military, Nobles, Merchants


I'm open to any plot RP, include dark and mature themes (intrigue, murder, house rivalry etc.) and also happy to assist in any plots for other Nobles.



As an aside is there maybe a linkshell for Ishgardian nobility? If not, I'm going to make one because I have seen quite a few posts of this nature.

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Well if you are interested! Vahlkrys is an isghardian as well, adopted and member of the Skysteel (has also worked for a time for House Fortemps as a butler/steward so it is possible they could have met while he was working at a function).


^^ Up to you but that's what I can come up with.


Additional Details about Vahlkrys in Ishgardian Society: He is a Seeker, and was essentially treated as the omega of the society, being that he wasn't Hyur or Elezen that was pretty easy to look at him and go "At least I'm not that." as well as the commonplace of him being referred to more as a stray cat, or a feral cat playing at being a person (RACISM YAY! not really but it is Ishgard).


In addition, if desired, there is the event of him nearly being beaten to death in public for attempting to help up an Elezen orphan. The key being the words uttered by the future temple knight "How dare you touch your betters." this wasn't even hidden but in plain view of an open area within the middle areas below Foundation. ^_^v hooks you can use however you will!


I have more but best not to fill your page.

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Hiya! I'd be happy to RP with you!


Rihxo's a bubbly little Miqo'te with the title of Chocolate Queen (...which is sometimes taken too literally), and she's pretty easy to get along with! Feel free to check out my wiki in my sig if you're wanting to know more.

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