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Sagolii Aldgoat Tribe


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-Sagolii Aldgoat-


.: A Brief History:.

While not being the main Aldgoat tribe, this formerly reclusive off-shoot tribe made quite the name for itself in the Eorzean underworld under the guidance of its former leader N'sef Nunh. Nearly eight cycles have passed since the Sagolii Aldgoat mysteriously went silent however, leaving much of their history to fade into rumours and urban legend.


Some have speculated that the Nunh's paranoia finally grew to be too much and he completely sealed his tribe off from the outside world. Others believe the infamous tribe merely became more secretive in their work, though any who knew N'sef for his boastful nature find this hard to believe. The most common belief held between those who even think to still discuss the tribe say that they were all wiped out in a single night, decimated by one of the numerous enemies that had accumulated over the decades of activity.


Whatever the truth of the matter may be, talk has begun to spread of a recent resurgence in Seekers bearing the tribe's name as well as their trademark golden eyes. Among these people has been spotted N'sef's youngest son, who has dropped Tia from his name and assumed the title N'khai Nunh. People are not sure what to make of this fact though of course they have used it to fuel any number of fresh rumours and stories about what could have happened during the tribe's lengthy hiatus.



.:OOC Information:.

The Aldgoat Linkshell has been active for over a year now on Balmung. It started off with primarily myself and a single friend, over the past year and a half however it has grown to house a number of people and diverse characters. Currently, the Tribe involves fifteen characters and twelve unique players. Our playerbase is made primarily of NA and EU players though we always strive to set times for our group events that allow us to involve as many people as possible.


This group being a Linkshell as it is makes it so your membership to a Free Company will not restrict your ability to apply to and join. The in-game Linkshell is primarily used for in-character interactions with a Skype chat group used to discuss out-of-characters matters and arrange dates for events and meet-ups. A Discord server is likely to be created in the near future and become the primary OOC spot of contact for the Linkshell, outside of the game of course.


As of Patch 3.3 the Linkshell has purchased a house in the Lavender Beds. Around this time the Sagolii Aldgoat has also extended into a Free Company. While it is not mandatory to join this Free Company members now have the option to have their own Private Room in the Aldgoat household if they so choose. Currently the house is being redecorated and is in a bit of a shabby state, this post will be updated when that fact has changed. If any have an interest in seeing the house in its current bare bones state the address is as follows: Plot 53, 11th Ward (Sub-division)


.: List of Current Characters (As of October 2016) :.



N'khai Nunh

N'kahli Sef

N'zala Sef

N'chacho Rana

N'kara Shaihl

N'lanhi Aqi

N'raeya Thion

N'khivva Nhys

N'maia Kasmut

N'pasht Rashaken

N'mika Suraya

N'jassa Suraya

N'ymira Khai

N'nessa Kasah




N'hava Khai

N'tem Tia

N'tama Tia

N'siraena Khai



.:In Closing:.


Thank you for taking the time to read through all of this post. If you have any interest at all in joining, asking questions or would just like to meet up and RP feel free to whisper any of the above characters. They will be able to help you or quickly put you in contact with someone who can.


Until then.


Oschon guide your path, and happy hunting.

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Due to personal reasons I allowed the Tribe LS to fall into a somewhat inactive state. Now that the majority of issues have been resolved I've had this topic pulled out of the archives and made active yet again. I've made a few small changes to the IC roster as well as the OOC information.


Hope to hear from any interested parties in the near future. I plan to check back on this site frequently as well as be available in-game if that proves easier for people. Happy Hunting!

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