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Jenova RP Directory (RP Locations)

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See Also: Jenova RP Corner (Linkshell)



*Note, some locations may also have non-RP'ers present. As usual, ask if IC.



⦿ Games & Social at Ambers Games House. Hosting life-sized chess tournaments in the Goblet.

(/tell Lucy Ambers or visit Goblet, Ward 4, Plot 10)


⦿ Bar & Workshops at Reclamation United. Teaching both youth and veterans new Life Skills & Job Training.

(/tell Kazarien Zerick, Bhayaar Qestir or visit Lavender Beds Ward 4, Plot 6)


⦿ Dining & Bar at the Elixir Lounge. Hosting and catering events for all social gatherings.

(/tell Kurai Ame or visit Lavender Beds Ward 2, Plot 58)


⦿ Private Investigators at Amber Investigations. Finding your missing cat, person or cat person.

(/tell Crivar Amber, Lucy Ambers or visit Lavender Beds Ward 3, Plot 6)


⦿ Ramen Noodle Cafe at Ramuh-Chan Noodle Co. Restaurant specialising in Far Eastern dishes.

(/tell D'neve Harclay or visit Mist Ward 6, Plot 6)


⦿ Mog's Realm Tavern at MunBubbles. Restaurant serving Eorzean and other meals.

(/tell Maneki Sushi, see http://www.munbubbles.com or visit Lavender Beds Ward 1, Plot 10)


⦿ Library & Lounge at Talion's Tomes. Public library, browse at your leisure.

(/tell Talion Baldwin or visit Mist, Ward 12, Plot 33)


⦿ Library & Bar at the Library of Mysteries. Public library.

(/tell Cyrillus Invictus or visit Goblet, Ward 2, Plot 27)


⦿ Hall of the Keepers at Keepers of the Oath

(/tell Ct Mcclelland or visit Lavender Beds Ward 3, Plot 12)

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The need for a more public RP location has been talked about lately, and the Carline Canopy in New Gridania was decided as most ideal. It has a calm serene atmosphere for a socialising, drinking and eating location. Upstairs is used for tavern RP while other events can be held downstairs. We're currently looking for characters able to play waiting staff.


To begin with, a set time maybe twice a week will be looked at, to get people used to gathering together for tavern RP and more. The hope is that new players who choose Jenova as their starting server can find RP more easily. Will update this message as things progress.





"Nestled cozily within the inn known as The Roost lies the relaxing Carline Canopy, a haven for those seeking a respite from travel's travails or questing's quandaries. The Canopy's famous stained windows dapple the wooden floors with beams of yellow, green, and red, that slowly shift as the sun and moons cross the sky. This kaleidoscope of light combines with the constant solemn murmur of the grand water wheel without to create an atmosphere both soothing and sublime.

Sharing the same building as The Roost, Gridania's inn, the tavern Carline Canopy is a central hub of the forest city. Its proprietor, Miounne, takes a benevolent interest in new adventurers to Gridania.




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