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Tournament of Champions

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*fliers would litter the streets and walls of the major cities, some minor ones as well*



[align=center]Come on Come all![/align]

[iC Random announcer]

The Gilded Rose proudly invites you to their  Champions Tournament! You heard it hear first! You might be asking yourself, 'What is the purpose of this event?' Well my friend I am here to tell you! We think that no matter what, not matter the differences Companies should come together every once in a while. So what better way to do that by having someone from each company beat the tar out of each other. So come on down! Pick you companies champion and sign up! But wait! Don't have a free company! No problem! Spots will be available for those who have not a company to call home! Or wish to not represent!





As many free companies are allowed to sign up that show up, and like the above post, we are letting  people who aren't in a FC to show up as well.


For those Free Companies wishing to have their champion show their might you must...well have a champion! Pick your best fighter and collect your fee. This is because we figured those in FC's would be able to draw from everyone to put some in your pot to enter. 


Not in a Free Company? Represent yourself, your lord, master, or even someone who cannot participate.



Don't want to participate? Donations are MORE then welcome to help make the pot larger.


In the end the decided victor will amass the pot in the pockets.


Not a fighter? Come and watch! Support your friends/Free Company/Lover you name it!


So gather your company. Pick your champion and prepare them!



(Sign ups now open to Linkshell Groups as well!)



When?: April 27th 2016

Time?: 8:00PM Eastern Time. 

Where?:Eastern La Noscea: Hidden Falls


Fights will be a bracketed series depending on how many sign up.

Like the grindstone this will be a first to 3 hits. But This is a all goes fight. Meaning Magical and Physical prowess is allowed.



Please feel free to show interest/question/etc in the posts below. I will answer what I can.


Past Champions:

10-16-15: Mr. Mask(Togy Brandmakt)

12-11-15: Mr. Mask(Togy Brandmakt)

02-19-16: Toff Vaughnn

04-27-16: Tsukige Malqir

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It is coming ladies and gentleman! Remember! The more competitors the bigger the pot! So tell your friends to try a chance at becoming the Champion of Champions. The one to rise above all! And to beat the only one who has won this tournament, Mr. Mask! Can you take him down? Will he make it to the final round and win again? Or will he be taken out early but an up and coming challenger!

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Thank you everyone who participated and spectated the event! With so many events going on at the same time I was surprised with how many showed up to join and watch.


Toff our blue haired friend came out on top and one the prize. Look forward to our fourth one in a couple month where our entry fee will hopefully be abolished!

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