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[01-25-2016] Cleaning - End of January

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Per this thread, both Linkshell Hall and the Directory of Contacts for New Players will be cleaned out on 02-01-2016 (February 1st). Any and all Linkshell, Free Company, and/or Personal Listings that do not have a recent post from the last 6 days / 2 months will be archived.


If you have a thread that becomes archived, please notify a moderator/admin via PM to the group, post here, or report the thread for a un-archive and it can be unarchived. Previous threads about cleaning will be closed. Do note that LS/FC entries may lose their special tabs (and the information in them) because the content is not always savable by archive.


Important: To prevent archival in the Linkshell Hall, a post from December 1st (or later) is required. Editing of the original post will not trigger an update to the last_post date, which is used to judge activity.


Thank you!

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Linkshell Hall cleaning has finished.


Do note that if any listing were unarchived during the past two months and did not show activity, they were re-archived.


To request a listing to be brought back, please posting in the this, send me a PM, or report the thread. The Chronicles subforum contains all old listings. Some of them have the archive reason.

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