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So not your typical Ishgardian priest of Halone...


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I’m suddenly getting the itch to create a cleric of Halone. But not a ‘YOU HAVE SINNED TO THE WITCHDROP WITH YOU’ type but a more moderate guy. Cheerful, more inclined to demonstrate Halone’s mercy and whatnot. He’d be lower ranked of course because he would have been married, and he’d be more keen on ministering to the Brume and out in Coerthas than to the nobility of the Pillars. The Holy See just basically roll their eyes and write him off as a coot. Like a ‘merry monk’ sorta deal.  More of 'actions speak far louder than words' guy.


Also whenever he was put before a tribunal, it always ended with him getting off because he more or less instigates 8 to 10 hour debates on church doctrine and the Inquisitors were just going 'WE'RE TIRED AND WANT TO GO HOME WHY DID YOU BRING THIS LUNATIC TO WASTE OUR TIME'


The one time he did a trial by combat he wiped the floor with his accuser. He also would be the type of priest that grieving family members would have gone to regarding last rites for their loved ones who did not get that honorable death by dragon, he would have performed the rituals for them.


I'm actually really getting more ideas as I type this, this is so bad.. xD What do you all think?


tiny mod note: moved over to character workshop because this is a character, not a general concept

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I understand the concept you're looking for but I'm not entirely sure if the market is there to really get the roleplay from it. I'll confess I'm not in the loop that much in regards to roleplay in Ishgard but the amount of persons to be found in the brume PC wise may leave you a little short on 'customers' per say.


On the subject of the concept itself... In Ishgard's atmosphere while I'm certain there are certain priests who were less 'Orthodox' then most I'm not entirely certain a priest who has been on trial and had a trial by combat is one the people would really look towards. I'd also be surprised the tribunal (Considering its power) would tolerate a repeat offender and one who incites discord into their chamber freedom rather then locking him in a cell for his 'Dravanian induced madness'.


Arguably with the raiding of the vault and that whole ordeal with the church the concept is certainly more playable but the background questions are still there.


A few questions I'd pose to you then for this character:


- What were his charges when he was accused and put on trial for?

- Why was he tolerated within what we see as a highly orthodox church structure? (Pre-HW, what qualities made the Holy See keep him alive?)

- What weaknesses does he posess?

- You mentioned he wiped the floor with his accuser in a trial by combat, whats his martial background and where was it obtained?

- What interactions/intentions do you have for him ingame?

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