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Ruthless Mercenary/Free Paladin

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Chlodomer Bavarac was once a Sultansworn about seven years before the events of FFXIV: ARR and since then became a free paladin after a series of controversies involving bribes.


Throughout that time until now, he has been working as a sellsword across Eorzea, finding the lifestyle to be more profitable than his former position in Ul'dah.

General details in regards to his work ethics as a mercenary.

Chlodomer specializes in armed conflict and is not a national or a party to any conflict and is motivated to take part in hostilities by the desire for private gain. In other words, like all mercenaries, Chlodomer is a person who fights for personal gains of money or other recompense instead of fighting for the ideological interests of a city-state, whether they be for or against the existing government.


Chlodomer, like a proper mercenary, does not discriminate between employers, uncaring of moral boundaries or individualism through his contracts. He can be hired by an adventurer with good or ill intentions, it does not matter as he is not bound by any strict morals. Chlodomer considers the satisfaction of his contractors to be paramount and once hired he remains professional until the end of a contract. He does not seek permanent employment or vassalage for any organization, society or person.


His methods can be deemed as questionable, but Chlodomer commonly follows the specific instructions that are laid out by those who hire him. Overall, Chlodomer is a ruthless swordsman, uncaring for the well being of his opponents and any bystanders present. He will not hesitate to get his hands and sword dirty in order to get the job done.


Chlodomer can handle multiple contracts simultaneously, only if neither contracts bring forth contradictions or conflicts between another contract.

Bottom line: I am looking for people who are interested in having their characters hire this ruthless merc or maybe have any vindictive or fanatical Sultansworns try and apprehend him. If you're willing to hire him, don't worry about your alignment, the highest bidder always wins.


Now if you simply want to try and befriend Chlodomer or casually socialize, I'm cool with that as well. If you any of you are interested shoot me a message either in this thread or a tell ingame (Chlodomer Bavarac).


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Evangeline currently doesn't have anyone to sic a ruthless merc on, but it's always fun to make another contact. Feel free to PM me or /tell me if you ever want to do some casual RP. Alternatively, there are many people who would likely pay decent money to make Evangeline disappear, she's quite a nuisance. If you want some pour soul to hunt down and beat up we can work out who might have hired him.

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