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Adventure and Exploration!

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Hello all and well met!

Ever since coming back to this game, I've had an idea festering in my mind, that of a roleplaying Free Company focused around adventurers and their exploration of the realms of Eorzea. After all, the game is immensely beautiful in style and graphics, and no doubt offers quite the fantastic sights to seek out.


Unfortunately, it can be rather slow and tedious a process to track down every possible individual that might wish to be a part of such a company, through all of the possible RP hangouts and taverns in the entire game, all while still leveling at a trudging pace so as to be able to experience the whole of the storyline and areas on offer without hitting the brick wall that is one-shotting monsters.


So instead, I decided to see if there's any interest from those that frequent the forums! If you are reading this and are interesting in creating a Free Company, much in the vein of Log Horizon's Debauchery Tea Party, then feel free to send me a message either on the forums here, or In-game on "Aerlys Maenstadt".


Or, if there are any Free Companies that already do this sort of thing that aren't listed in the registry here on the forums, feel free to let me know!

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Definitely interested! Both Sahi and Subaru are adventuring types - Sahi being a healer who takes on any kind of job where a healer might be needed and Subaru being taking any kind of job where her combat or music skills may come in handy. This sounds like a great idea.

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I'm sure Aerlys and Subaru at least could very well share their like for orange juice while traveling from tavern to tavern! I´m usually on around 21:00 GMT +0 time, for the most part, which tends to be later in the day for the usual US crowds.


Everyone is welcome to send me a Tell around those times! I tend to multi-task with FF14 in the background even if I´m doing something else. Still looking for people to start the FC! (Then start saving up money to go bribing people for a house... )

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