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    Describe your backstory in the worst way!

    Aerlys: Adopted not-quite-a-woman takes her spear and goes for a walk. Gets stronger like a Saiyan, by getting her ass kicked by things bigger than her and coming back for revenge. Still taking that walk however.
  2. SanguineSins

    balmung Returning player needing RP partners.

    Sorry if I haven't been able to get back to any of you! RL has been a bit hectic due to constantly shifting work-schedules, as well as a desire to actual catch up on all of the content that has been released and gearing up, as I do enjoy dungeons and raiding. I'll be trying to get in touch with those of you that replied, though the only one I can reliably see when is online would be Rini, since we're in the same linkshell. (Forgot to say hi! Sorry!)
  3. SanguineSins

    balmung Seeking RP Connections and Friends

    I'm in roughly the same boat as you, having recently come back and tried to get into RP. It certainly helped being invited to a friendly linkshell after a chance encounter in Duty Finder (Shoutout to Sigurd Sundsteigen!), which has allowed me to meet a couple of nice people to RP with. I have only a single character, Aerlys Maenstadt, who is a wandering lancer that rarely stays in the same spot for too long, having been on the road for several years due to wanderlust and a lust for adventure and seeing sights. It's quite possible she could bump into any one of your characters, being that she travels all over the place, and could possibly even find an adventuring companion in your Sceva Valiir if you ever do bring her out to RP, due to similiar goals from what you had in mind! Feel free to leave me a message if you're interested!
  4. Hey all! So I've recently returned back to FF14 after some months away. Finally managed to get my ass into Heavensward and almost finished the main 3.0 story there. However, there's just one little problem... I joined FF14 originally due to a desire to RP. It's a beautiful world, full of possibilities for adventures, romance, plots and schemes. Sadly however, my attempts at walking up to others and trying to engage have been met with mixed success, with most being AFK or unresponsive, or simply entirely busy with their own scenes. I've had perhaps one night of RP so far since my return, which was quite enjoyable, but as I am quite new to the scene and don't really know anyone, getting into groups and joining ongoing RP feels quite difficult, despite trying to throw myself out there. It doesn't help that I'm generally around later in the evenings in EU times. SO! Here I am. I've got several ideas for plot-hooks relevant to my character Aerlys Maenstadt, a wandering, adventuring lancer with no home to truly call her own. (Wiki page pending). If you're interested, please let me know on this thread, or in a PM. Or if you've got suggestions on how to get into RP/who to approach, do let me know as well! How to train your Chocobo Aerlys currently does not own such a stable traveling companion (Despite having one in my mount section. Just feels cheap to handwave it away), and would like to purchase one. Looking for handlers and breeders that might be willing to sell her a chocobo for a fair price. (I'm not rich, please don't rob me) Gearing up While most might consider adventuring a lucrative prospect, Aerlys wanders too much, and often gives out her gold to those more in need. Yet, she still wants for some proper armaments and armor, with Allagan and Magitek technology interesting her greatly. If anyone is a crafter of such gear, or able to procure them for her for a reasonable price (Or a helping hand with something else), would love to hear from you! Band of brothers Adventurers need company. Lacking a Free Company entirely, a group of adventurers joining Aerlys on her travels, or inviting her to join them on their own, would be greatly appreciated, and a lovely means to kickstart RP. That's all my current ideas for now! If you've any further questions, PM or reply in this thread and I'll try and get back to you soon as possible!
  5. SanguineSins

    Di-Sketch! - Commission Slots Open

    And here I was -just- thinking how nice it would be to get a portrait of Aerlys to use for the forums/Wiki... Slots still open?!
  6. SanguineSins

    RL Pictures.

  7. SanguineSins

    RL Pictures.

    I'd post my picture here but the damn forums are giving me a hassle regarding spoiler-tags and images. Lots of pretty going on in here, though.
  8. SanguineSins

    balmung Adventure and Exploration!

    I'm sure Aerlys and Subaru at least could very well share their like for orange juice while traveling from tavern to tavern! I´m usually on around 21:00 GMT +0 time, for the most part, which tends to be later in the day for the usual US crowds. Everyone is welcome to send me a Tell around those times! I tend to multi-task with FF14 in the background even if I´m doing something else. Still looking for people to start the FC! (Then start saving up money to go bribing people for a house... )
  9. SanguineSins

    You Know You Overthink RP When....

    So true it bloody hurts. - Spending weeks researching lore to make SURE that the backstory you created makes perfect sense and will never be questioned. - Still research more because you want to know exactly everything that your character might know from their origins. - Continuing to search the internet for lore because gods damnit there must be more indepth lore about Gridania!
  10. Hello all and well met! Ever since coming back to this game, I've had an idea festering in my mind, that of a roleplaying Free Company focused around adventurers and their exploration of the realms of Eorzea. After all, the game is immensely beautiful in style and graphics, and no doubt offers quite the fantastic sights to seek out. Unfortunately, it can be rather slow and tedious a process to track down every possible individual that might wish to be a part of such a company, through all of the possible RP hangouts and taverns in the entire game, all while still leveling at a trudging pace so as to be able to experience the whole of the storyline and areas on offer without hitting the brick wall that is one-shotting monsters. So instead, I decided to see if there's any interest from those that frequent the forums! If you are reading this and are interesting in creating a Free Company, much in the vein of Log Horizon's Debauchery Tea Party, then feel free to send me a message either on the forums here, or In-game on "Aerlys Maenstadt". Or, if there are any Free Companies that already do this sort of thing that aren't listed in the registry here on the forums, feel free to let me know!
  11. Hello everyone! Figured I'd simply introduce myself here while asking the bunch of questions floating about in my head at the moment. Name's Svanur (Or Sanguine, or Svan, depending on how good people are with pronounciation), Icelandic, and been roleplaying for a couple of years now, mostly in Neverwinter Nights' online servers. Decided to start playing Final Fantasy 14 again now, after three attempts at getting hooked, seeing as I MMO-hop like a goddamn bunny and can never really settle down, which mostly is fault of not finding the sort of RP I've been looking for. Currently leveling up a Dragoon, Aerlys Maenstadt, and trudging through the main storyline, but hoping to delve more into the roleplaying side on Balmung where I reside mostly, despite being in GMT timezone, seeing as I hear it's the main hot-spot for RP these days (Could be wrong). I'm wanting to explore the world, see all of the sights that Eorzea has to offer, however, I'd like to do it in RP as well, and to form a Free Company focused on adventure and exploration. Unfortunately, as much as I'd like to own a House alongside this, it seems to be almost impossible to get on Balmung, not to mention I'd still need a couple other people to even start the FC in the first place. Anyways! I figure that's already long enough for an introduction. Look forward to RP-ing with you all in-game!