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Looking for Connections of All Sorts!

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Hello and thanks, firstly, for checking this out!


While fairly new to FFXIV, I am not a stranger to RP, and I'm looking to make some new acquaintances. I'll have to apologize, as I'm still getting up to speed with the wiki, as well as really developing much of the character, but I've got a bit of info below.


Elysia Alptraum


Elysia has taken to wandering throughout the expanse of Eorzea for some time. Not one to stay in one place for long, she's made a habit of dropping into small towns to do odd jobs to earn her keep, most frequently in the wineries, brewports, and taverns. She has a penchant for creating all sorts of strange, delightful concoctions at the bars she's staffed, and has made many friends and foes over a strong drink.


What's she looking for?


Anything, really! Friends, enemies, and familiar faces from her travels tending bars or wandering the vasts of Eorzea. New patrons or customers to sample her strange, new concoctions. Rogue mentorship as she gets a bit comfortable with her daggers. Perhaps even a casual romantic interest, should things head in that direction.


So with that, if you wouldn't mind PM'ing me on here with some character info and where you think it might be fun to fit into Elysia's story, we'll get things rolling! Looking forward to getting in touch.

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