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  1. Finally about time I get one of these cool things up AYYY edit: also, rolling out edits here and there!!!!!!!
  2. [align=center][/align] [align=center]Sword and Spear [/align] [align=center]The Sword and Spear, Adventurer's Guild Free Company[/align] What are you!? Hi, hello! The Sword and Spear is a Roleplay Free Company in Final Fantasy 14, based around the Adventurer's Guild and it's Leve-quest system. All members of the Free Company are also members of the Eorzean Alliance's Adventurer Guilds - and are granted access to special grade Leve-quests based on contracts negotiated on behalf of the Free Company. Is there somewhere I can read up about the theme a little more?
  3. That's us! -- If you ever see me, or Caewen Renn around IG, feel free to say hello and chat us up!
  4. It sure is, just hit up any of the leadership with a /tell ig and we'll get you in
  5. wow friend that seems like a very violent message friend you should relax urself friend
  6. i'll take a spot on the waiting list too
  7. WATCH OUT SHE WILL TRY TO SET YOU ON FIRE - a concerned citizen
  8. a little update on the state of ERP: NEO last i checked, we are sitting about 70 odd out of 128 capacity, and it's getting active! which is nice i'm not saying it was not active before, it was totally active the entire time the ENTIRE time puhlease believe anyways, we are still recruiting, please contact any of the leadership of the ls written in the page above, - we're getting active enough for erp neo to contemplate making a discord channel for it's membership (memebership) for any members of erp reading this, encourage friends and rp partners to
  9. a late update but the event went great!! thanks to the people that participated a follow up event is being written, i'll think of some cool name for it later
  10. hello i am madison allard and im going to do one of these things too also oskwell is a b+ - a- character not an a+ like me but still respectable edit: also he is a good roleplay
  11. For everyone attending the event, I know I got pre-event RP done for most of you The meeting for the job will be at 3, 27, Mists at a bar called the Dullahan's Head - owned by or the Black Chocobo Gang! If you didn't get Pre-event RP done with me, feel free to Headcanon why and how your character heard of the work and showed up, or some NPC that gave them the head nod and pointed them my way. I can roll with it all!! See you all tonight
  12. [18:36]Sun'ra Zhawn >> This is Kel'ari. Think I wanna switch him out for this character in yer plot DONE WITH THE GREATEST OF EASE.
  13. Yeah, I can do that Fills out the 5 slots too Perrrrrrrrrrrfection:cactuar::cactuar::cactuar::cactuar::cactuar::cactuar::cactuar::cactuar::cactuar:
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