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Gilded Pony

Gilded Pony

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Gilded Pony is both a burlesque club wrapped up in one big, shiny-golden package. In the not-so-distant past, Gilded Pony was owned by a man named Roderick Kline. Ol' Roderick wasn't so much concerned about high class and hitting more than just a few demographics, though. Under his leadership, Gilded Pony - a brothel that put on burlesque performances to highlight their courtesans - catered to swashbuckling pirates, seafaring adventurers, and swabbies. One of the burlesque performers who worked at the establishment, L'aelwyn 'Ael' Turrel (now Sutorei), eventually came to the conclusion that she had dreams that went beyond dancing for a horde of smarmy pirates. Dreams that were achieved thanks to a chance encounter with a man who was--rather oddly--more than happy to offer forth a fraction of his coffers, Ael's own small fortune, and a well-timed confrontation between Roderick and the two parties. Now, under the leadership of her new Matron, Gilded Pony sets its sights on a more esteemed clientele.




Thank you for your interest in our Free Company, GP-RP. We're a character ran burlesque club located on the Balmung server of FF:XIV. Together, we're looking to create a fun and engaging experience for Balmung as a whole. Want to join our family?

Inquire within! Information: RPC, Tumblr, Calendar, Website.

NC-17. Never full nudity.



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► Application | Part-time Help | Read Before Applying

  • Performers (∞)

  • Waitstaff (5)

  • Security (5)

  • Photographer (2)

  • Hype (5)

►  Checked out the site and filled out an application?

We will get to you shortly!

We check the site (at least) before 12pm CST every day.

We will comment on your application when we see it, to touch base!

Please try to be online at the time you indicated on your application.



►  Contacts in-game:

  • L’aelwyn Sutorei (Matron)

  • L'yon Tia (Performance Manager)

  • Viola Seville (Stage Manager)

  • Sunsgerel Monsaran (Provisional’s Manager)

►  Ch-ch-changes:

We've removed Moirae from the FC.

We managed to get a house!

Location: Goblet, Ward 9, Plot 26

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