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Wayfarer's Rest: March Contest Madness!


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Wayfarers of Eorzea Thread (WIP)

Wayfarer's Rest: March Contest Madness!



Where: Plot 58, Ward 6 of the Goblet

When: 7:00 PM - Until it finishes CST, Thursdays of March


While I realize March is still half a month away, we would like to make everyone aware of a few events that will be hosted at the Rest for the month of March.

Aside from our normal Friday Night Tavern Night, we will also be hosting a contest on each Thursday of the month. The first three contests will be held in a similar fashion, all consisting of contestants signing up and performing on a stage in front of 3-4 judges. We are not excluding our own members from these events so, to ensure things stay fair, we will have two guest judges that are not members of the Wayfarers of Eorzea. We will be overhauling the Rest for these occasions, creating a stage, a judge's booth, and a set up that allows more people to watch comfortably. Each contest will have their list of prizes. As we do with the giveaway, the winners will choose which prize they wish to take home, unless we decide to make a grand prize. Spectators will have a chance to try several of our specials that have yet to be released and possibly win one of several door prizes. Additionally, Free Companies who wish to support the event in some manner may sponsor the event. We will announce your company during the events and give a small advertisement for recruitment, your own events, etc. Sponsor Fees are at the Sponsor's discretion With general information aside, let's get to our events.


Disclaimer: I would also like to note that a few of these ideas were first originated from the Eorzean Institute before they merged with us. I would like to thank Arietty and her crew for giving us the ideas and helping us push them forward. Their original post is here.


March 3rd- Bard/Singing Contest


March 10th- Poetry Contest


March 17th- Fashion/Cosplay Contest


March 24th- Competitive Eating Contest


March 31st- Wayfarer's Date Auction


Each event will have it's own page to provide more details as they grow closer in time. I am posting this early to give those who wish to compete a chance to write their poems and music(essentially the same in a way), and prepare the perfect costume for the fashion show. I will list brief summaries of the rules and 'objectives' that will be held for each event. More information on the advertising, food, sign ups, etc. will be provided in each of the full posts at a later date.

March 3rd- Bard/Singing Contest


How it works: Contestants will be performing on stage for a set amount of time. One contest performs per signup, no bands sorry. What separates this event from our poetry contest is performers will, well, perform. Contestants will not only be judged only by lyrics, but also on stage presence(description of actions basically), their outfit, and the reaction of the crowd. In a way, this is your time to shine. Give a performance that pulls in the crowd that proves you are entertaining enough to be the star of a venue.



  1. we encourage lyrics be your own or at least granted permission to use. This means mainstream songs from artists are fine, but you will need to change parts to fit with Eorzea. Extra points will be applied to those with the creativity to make their own song.
  2. We ask that lyrics remain tasteful, but this is a guideline more than a rule. You still may write whatever you wish.
  3. More to come.


March 10th- Poetry Contest


Unlike the Bard Contest, this is all about the words and the flow of the poem. The structure, flow, and creativity will be judged. There isn't much more to say on this one. Most of the rules and guidelines of the Bard contest will apply here as well.



March 17th- Fashion/Cosplay Contest


This is a glorified costume contest! Dress up in your best outfit and come onto the stage with swagger! Contestants will have ample amount of time to pose, dance, or do whatever else they wish to do on stage to show off their outfit. Again, creativity wins more points than using a common outfit. Stage presence will also be a factor. Show the crowd you own the stage!



March 24th- Competitive Eating Contest


The format for this is still unclear. The prizes for the competition will not be as large as the others because, all-in-all, this is just an event for fun. We will showcase our different meals and contestants will stuff their face until they pass out or...Well, throw up. This is a 'call your own shots' event that is made to be silly and fun for everyone. We may have limited spots to participate depending on the sheer amount of participation, but the limit is likely to be something like 20. More info will come in March.



March 31st- Wayfarer's Date Auction


A Note:


And ending our Month of contest events is not exactly a contest at all, perhaps a contest of wealth. To be honest and frank, I do my best not to schedule events that require people to pay gil in order to participate; it discourages attendance, discourages people who cannot afford to go, and most likely violates the ToS in some way. However, I have had several requests and suggestions to host one of these to help us raise money for a larger establishment. This is going to be a fundraising or donation event in the effort to purchase a larger house to host events on a larger scale. We have loved hosting events for the people of the server, and we want to continue to provide an open-minded and accepting atmosphere to anyone who walks in our doors. Those who attend our events regularly are finding it more and more crowded as we gain popularity; 100% of the donations gained through this event are going to be used in providing more of these services and with a better experience. Anyone who wins an auction or donates funds to our housing effort will have their names placed on a plaque that will be on the house ICly and a picture depicting as such on our upcoming wiki page.


Again, I am reluctant to host charged events, but I want to ensure to those who do pay that it is going full circle back to the community. Thank you


Details: Members of the Wayfarers of Eorzea will be auctioning off their time to the highest bidder. Ever wanted to get to know the pretty redhead behind the bar? Have you been tempted to sink your teeth into our 'Daper Cat'™? Or do you have your sights set on the Matron herself? We will have a full list of participants at a later date, but they will come out on stage, one at a time, and patrons will bid on the participate for a date. This is a guaranteed two hour date, though some will gladly RP with you longer, that is strictly labeled as casual. This does not mean romance won't bloom or something else won't happen, but the participating member does not have to provide anymore than a friendly date. Take them out to dinner! Make them do your laundry! Play a game of checkers! You paid for their time and they will do whatever you ask within considerable means(Do not ask for ERP or for them to murder someone for instance). Once you win the bid, you pay the auctioneer, and then a day will be scheduled for your date.


Additionally, those who wish to volunteer to also be auctioned may do so. Note: While you might not be donating money, you are donating your time and you will also be added to the plaque.


There is more on this to come, but it will follow the general guidelines that most date auctions follow.



And that is it! We of course will have our weekly tavern nights on Friday, we are supporting the Festival of The Free Companies on March 19th in place of our normal tavern night, and we will of course have another Gift Giveaway for the month of March. Lots to come and look forward to. Keep an eye out for these events in the long run! Take care and have a good one!


Oh, and it looks like we have something planned in April...Something based off of an event in my favorite web series...



Oh yes, we are!


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