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New to the RP world here


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Hey there! 


The answer to your question is the same as when everyone else asks it: There are supposedly pockets or small RP communities on various servers, but just about everybody on this site is on Balmung (and so we can neither confirm nor deny those rumors), and we're going to recommend paying the $18 for a transfer to the server because Balmung is great. There's a recent threat in which someone asked for the pros and cons, and it's pretty much all pros. Remember that the transfer fee includes up to 8 character from the same origin server, so if you enjoy having the option of playing alts, make the fee economical by premaking several characters and transferring them in a batch.


Hope we'll see you soon!

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Hi thanks for getting back to me, I think I would love to join the community there, I'll be joining the server soon!


We look forward to you joining us for RP! It's always nice seeing new rp'ers and characters in the world.


As mentioned, if you're transfering in, make sure you have all your alts made ahead of time and transfer them in all at once to avoid having to pay for more transfers later.

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