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Introductions Redux


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We had one of these threads long ago. At the request of Uriah_Nool I'm starting a new one. I figure we have gone far enough out, and hopefully will have enough new people coming in, that it's time for a new introduction thread.


That said, Hi. I'm Tadir. I'm a 3D animator and defense contractor living in Washington D.C. (Well, the DC metro area.) I also happen to look a bit like the main character of the ads and cinematics.




Please, reintroduce yourselves for anyone who wasn't here for the original.


Happy Friday.

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Tadir, that's creepy. :)


Here we go:


Hi, I'm Aysun. I'm a 25 year old sometimes-bitchy woman living in Nebraska. I'm a clinical laboratory science student (graduating in May). My hobbies include husband (Runek Cross), birds, RP, and XIV. My husband and I share a house with two cats and two peach-faced lovebirds.



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My Full name is Andrew Uriah Schaefer. I am 25 years old and live in Wisconsin. I currently work in Tech Support and have an Associate's Degree in Computer Support. I live alone, but also have a dog with way too much energy who keeps me company. I like to read books. None of my RL friends play FFXIV, so that makes me a sad panda. Here's pictures of me, my dog, and my computer that does many awesome things because I built it myself.


AMD Phenom II X4 processor (3.9 GHz overclocked)

MSI 870A-G46 AMD Motherboard


120GB SSD/ 500GB HDD

Dual Radeon HD6850 in Crossfire

Antec 300 Case

750W Roswill GoldPlus modular PSU

27" Acer HD Monitor

Microsoft Wireless Desktop 3000 Keyboard/Mouse




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We are Eva. That's right 'we'. Our otherworldly names are Michael (usually Mike, or sometimes Luke) and Jacqueline (usually just Jackie). He's 32 and I'm 31 at the time that this post was made. We have been married a little bit over seven months now and share ownership of Eva - though she was operated primarily by my husband for the first ten months or so of her adventuring life. Although I had a hand in the character creation process and some of her earlier developments. We both play the character about 50% of the time and pretty openly communicate with one another about her involvements and "bringing each other up to speed" with regards to RP. There's only been one or two hiccups, but mostly it's been a lot of fun keeping on the same page with our RP, and we enjoy this more than creating separate characters - although we each do keep a separate alt as well. Neither of us really like talking about ourselves on forums or in the game too much because we feel it breaks up the sense of immersion a bit, but I'm kind of making an exception here. :)


I'm a claims adjustor for a health insurance company and work from home five days a week. I enjoy perusing art on DA and other sites and I'm probably the one behind most of the commissioned artwork of Eva [and others] that's out there. I also avidly read various webcomics and enjoy watching television (<3 DWTS and a good dozen or so others) and swimming in the summertime and spending time with my niece.


Mike is a remote support technician and works for a different health insurance company. He is much more technical and those computer specs in the above post would probably make a LOT more sense to him than they do to me. :) Lately he has been trying to teach himself to paint digitally. He also ran a RP group in FF11 that he often speaks fondly about but that all took place before we ever met. He is a lot more soft-spoken than me and really enjoys reading and working on his computers and tinkering. He is also the patient one but sometimes common sense eludes him (and I'm going to pay for posting that later I'm sure lol). He enjoys swimming as well, and biking.


We live together in an apartment in western Connecticut (about an hour from NYC) with our globular cat named Edgy (aka "Devourer of Worlds"). We're looking into homeownership next year and all the fun and headaches that go along with that. I'm not really sure what more I can say so I'll kind of leave it at that.


EDIT: We also both LOVE tea, although he drinks coffee sometimes as well (yuk). :love:

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Well, unlike Mr. Tadir, I lack the looks to go posting images of myself nowadays, but I'll still give a (re-)introduction of myself, because why the Hell not?


My name is Mike. I'll spare the last name, but if you're curious, my name is basically the same as both a famous comic artist as well as a professional NFL player. :lol: I just turned 30 years old about half a month ago, and currently reside in the state of Ohio. You know, the same Ohio that you're stuck in forever once you move there?




Anyway. At the moment I am currently unemployed, having bounced around jobs -- as well as states and even countries -- since early 2011. I spent about half a year teaching English over in Japan before returning back to the States, followed by about a 8-9 month sabbatical living with my folks in Arizona, taking some random classes to further progress my English teaching certification as well as my pre-existing Bachelor degree, which is in Sport Management. Tried looking for a job there, the economy blew, came back to Ohio (where I had been from 2005 to 2011 pre-Japan).


Decided finally that I was really sick and tired of not finding anything with my chosen degree, and am now gearing up to go back to college to pursue a new career in Childhood Intervention Specialism, also known as Special Education, starting in January. I'm also contemplating enlisting in the military, but I need to shed a few pounds before that would be an available option, sadly.


In any event, I'll just wrap up by saying I've been in to MMOs since I was in my teens, starting with Ultima Online, working my way over to EverQuest, before getting established in Final Fantasy XI ever since its release in North America. Save for little breaks where I tried EQ2, Aion, and WoW (god did I hate WoW), I've always gone back to it. And now here I am, waiting to see if A Realm Reborn turns out to be as good as currently advertised.

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Welp! I'm Marx. I'm in my twenties and am a musician from England. I write, compose, and perform. Though, I need to do a lot more of all three than as of late. I've been playing XIV since Beta, and have even shared a character like the Evas. Though, mine was with my sister and not a lover or mawwij.


I'm trained mainly in youthwork and music tuition, have some degree of training in psychology, and like to take photographs.


I like Kamen Rider, Final Fantasy (as you could guess), and travelling.



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Hi! I'm Xenedra in game, Michelle irl, and I've been playing XIV since open beta. I'm currently agonizing over my lack of alpha invites :<


I live in Norfolk, VA, though I'm moving to Great Lakes, Illinois in Feb/March because my husband just went into the navy. I went to VCU for a bit, (I believe someone else here did : P) in the arts program, but I decided a sculpture degree wasn't what I wanted, so I moved back to the coast and got a graphic arts and a fine arts degree for cheaper! I was working for a business card printing company, but I recently quit because I'm moving and I want to see my friends and be lazy before I go : P


I like to doodle and watch moves/anime/musicals and play vidja games (no duh, right?). My MMO history includes Ultima Online, Final Fantasy XI, WoW, Aion, Tera and most recently Guild Wars 2, all of which were mostly one month bouts, with the excepting of my 6-ish year XI campaign : P. Still playing GW2 currently! And of course I love rp! All the time, anytime, I will annoy you bothering you for rp, please give it to me now!


I'm excited to see some many people floating around!

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Dan is my name and I'm probably one of the most generic, typical white guy here. I live in San Diego California, I have a bachelors degree in digital film and video production that isn't doing a damn thing for me out here. I'm unemployed, but when I do work I generally make around $350/day. Oh, I work in tv/film doing lighting and grip work. My main goal, and passion, is to be an editor. I don't like to toot my own horn, but I'm rather good at it and I've had my first editing gig a little over two weeks ago. They liked what I did and will probably call me back.


Anyway, my hobbies include: writing, playing the guitar (not so much now-a-days), i like to draw but I get frustrated with it because I don't think I'm any good and if it doesn't look exactly how I want it I stop after a while. I also love to play, and watch, Street Fighter. Cammy is my character and she's tattooed on my right leg. I also have a Zero (from mega man x) tattooed on the underside of my left forearm and, of course, the blue bomber him self, Mega Man X on my right forearm.


As far as role playing goes, i love it to little tiny bits so I can nom nom on their savory goodness. Sadly, I haven't done much RP'ing in the last two years since launch, or even in open beta for that matter, I've had character issues... But that's all changed and I'm gunna RP the heck outta ARR!


I'm also, apparently, really shy. Last time I RP'd, in a story telling session in gridania, it took me almost a half hour to work up the courage to finally say something and join in the fun. I missed out on a few things because I was too chicken to say anything :( I dunno why.

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