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Interesting explination of the lore in the beginning of 1.0

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Yea I stumbled upon that discussion about week ago or so, I'm still to read all the replys.

The dev team reply about the happenings is HERE, the post #226. I have it bookmarked but I still haven't got time to focus on that well (so long texts~), will read it later myself ^^

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I have kept up on the recent lore. I just thought the post in that link was funny, about lvling warrior next! It was a nice class before the fall. The combat system has changed and there's not much about it to find. Thanks for trying to update me on the story, I've been circling it like a vulture. The whole joke explanation just made me smile in a goofy way, so I shared!

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Well I didn't link it only for you, or to correct you in any way. ^^ Just posting it for those interested. The person who directed me to that topic only linked to the first post and I needed to read many pages before I noticed there was actual reply from dev team. I would have safe alot time if someone had link it to me ^^

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As the devs explained it, he went back 10 years through the echo to the events just before the Silvertear incident. The party he fought the Morbol with actually existed at this time, and by way of echo logic; they had killed the Morbol and watched the Silvertear battle completely without the Hyur in reality. After coming out of the echo, he decided that he would seek out that party, which he successfully did, except for the female Elezen.

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Couple of corrections! :)


He did actually participate in that battle and that trio remembered him later. That's how the Echo works: You do actually go into the past, you just can't do anything that changes the present in a substantial manner. (On the plus side, you also can't be killed.) That's why, for example, when you first join the Path of the Twelve in 1.0 Minfilia knows you just used the Echo, because she suddenly remembers you appearing in her office a few hours earlier.


As was stated above' date=' all three have the power of the Echo, allowing them to experience the past, interact with it, but ultimately not change the outcome of anything important (the wind created by a battleaxe swing will not start a hurricane in Garlemald).[/quote']


Also, he did meet the female Elezen. She's the black mage in End of an Era. The male Elezen he was with at the Adventurers' Guild was somewhere else during the Battle of Carteneau Plains.


Yes' date=' the black mage is the Elezen female from the morbol party, not the snooty male from the Midlanderâs party. The robe & hat conceal some of her more distinguishing features, and we all know there was no bust size adjustment feature back in 1.0[/quote']
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