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It was recommended that I post my previous post here, in the hopes of getting into contact with other's. So here it goes. 


Hello everyone! 


I am incredibly excited to say that after a long month of staying up late trying to get into Balmung (No success, I might add) I finally succumbed for the need to RP and character transferred. 


I would like to formally introduce Zac Stern, a beginner gladiator struggling to find his place in U'ldah. (Some of you may have seen him around at a few event's since I joined last week)


Zac is a hyur and recently celebrated his 20th name day. He has no permanent residence at this time and could be considered a bit of a nomad. He is typically a little shy without a few drinks, and is definitely not the brightest bulb. But he is loyal to a fault and believe that family and friends is of the up-most importance. 


I wanted to post this in the hopes of meeting some RPers that might be interested in meeting Zac in game. Or would like to arrange a backstory, perhaps of distant family, friends, or even enemies. 


I was also hoping someone could give me some advice on a linkshell that would be open to a new player, and would give Zac some more opportunities to get involved in the community. 


I am new to Final Fantasy so I apologies if my lore is off base, I am trying to get caught up but am having difficulty finding a lot of the information. 


I am very excited to get as involved as possible in the community, and any help in doing this would be greatly appreciated. 


Experience wise I have spent a great deal of years playing MMO's. Including (but not limited too.) Wow, Wildstar, LOTRO, Guild wars 2, and SWTOR. 


I have about 5+ years of RP experience, primarily in game, I have never really attempted to try forum RP. 


Zac Stern 



 Zac is a rather warmhearted Hyur. He tends to be extremely trusting, perhaps too trusting in some situations. He is a big supporter in family and friends, and is loyal to a fault. He can typically get attached quickly, though it depends on the other's personality. Despite Zac's way of life, he is typically very shy, and not likely to necessarily walk up and engage on the spot, the only possibility of this is after a few drink's. Zac is primarily a gladiator, and had not spent much time diving into the many other professions and hobbies available. 



Where Zac can be seen:

 Zac is a nomad, and is typically found camping out or generally wandering around Thanalan. He spends a fair bit of time in U'ldah and has not spent much time anywhere else. He is not a very prevalent member of any organization, but he does enjoy spending time at the Wayfarers Rest. 



What he is looking for:

 Friendship would be a great addition to Zac's experience. He is also open to the possibility of an enemy, perhaps someone else who is a gladiator that could give him a good ass whooping.



What I am interested in:

I would enjoy just getting Zac more experience with other's within the community. I am certainly open to the possibility of a relationship, but it would take some time to assure Zac and the other character are compatible. An enemy would be a very interested aspect to Zac's story, and I would love to see that happen. I am also open to the idea of having more characters become a part of Zac's back story. Perhaps a lost family member, or mentor etc... 



What I am not interested in:

Metagaming is always incredibly irritating, and I will simply refuse to Rp if you do this. Lore breaking is obviously something I am against, but to be honest I struggle with the lore at this point. ( Still getting my knowledge up) so If you see me breaking lore please tell me, It is not intentional. 

I am not interested in this character dieing at this point in time. I would like to develop this character as an individual before considering death as an option. 


Please feel free to PM myself in game or on the site. I am open to pretty much anything at this point, just to develop Zac's character more. A lot of his personality may change over time, and I feel it is important to engage in as many different types of RP situations. 



Looking forward to hearing from some of you, thanks for reading!

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Hey there! 


I would be delighted to get in touch and possibly work on getting you both ties and some RP! 


I have a couple characters I'm currently working up, though will be delighted to try my luck at catching you ingame! 


Welcome to the community and server!

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