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Help of a different kind - Private Chamber design

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Apologies first if another location would be better for posting this.


That said, I'm looking for help of a different kind than typical character/story/RP ideas. It's actually with one of my character's private chamber!


The character's origins are from my own original story I've been brainstorming and picking at for years (geez, over a decade now?). In the world she's from, she's from essentially Japan, so Doma would be the closest FFXIV equivalent we have (I haven't really fleshed out the concept for her Eorzea version, so don't worry too much on "Doman details" here ;) ), and she's a (mostly) reformed pirate.


I'd like to design her private chamber to give that "pirate captain's quarters" feel to it and I'm trying to decide what should go in there. Obviously the treasure chest, but other than that, I was hoping some creative types might help with some suggestions.


The easy road would be to use a lot of the Limsa designed furniture, but I do want to be a bit creative. Considering the canopy bed for some luxury (any other suggestions?), a desk with papers and a globe, a map on the wall, the wheel on the wall, etc.


Should a former pirate captain's room be cluttered, do you think?


I figured I'd find a ton of reference pictures with a google search, but surprised I'm having a challenge finding others with pirate theme private chambers.


Any suggestions would be most welcome!

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My best suggestion for Private Chamber ideas is to go check out peoples' rooms and houses. Even if you're going for a specific theme, sometimes something someone else did will inspire you to use certain items you might not thought of before. And I'm sure there's plenty of folks that do the pirate-y angle, so you likely won't be lacking for rooms designed that way!


But if you want to add a touch of the orient (You said not to bother too much with it but I'm gonna anyway!), there's sliding doors and banners with Doman symbols and the like on them. Also there's tatami mats and even a tatami floor pattern. So you could add those along with everything else to give a bit of Doman flair to the room. :thumbsup:

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If you're looking to do something that looks pirate-y, or like the inside of a ship's cabin, you might consider some of these things:


Storm Interior Wall.  The thumbnail on the marketboard doesn't do it justice, it's actually pretty nice and has small outlines of ships here and there, as well as red accents. 


Riviera interior wall.  If you want something simpler, combining this with the matching floor will lend well toward the basic inside-a-ship feeling.  Also don't forget Riviera Partitions, if you're going with this theme.  Uniformity helps.


Mahogany Partition Door also matches perfectly with the above, if you want to add a closable door anywhere in the room.


You already mentioned the Dead Man's Chest, always a great addition to a pirate-y room, but there's also the Shipping Crate, Wine Barrel, Terracotta pot, and the Cask Rack.  You might try combining several of these.  Unfortunately they don't stack since the crate and wine barrel are considered Tables.


There is of course all of the Storm furnishings that you can get from the Maelstrom Grand Company, it's always good to have a few in the mix for color accents and Lominsan flavor.


As far as desks go, for something that feels like it should be in a Captain's quarters, you could always go with the Knight Captain's desk and matching chair. They have a serious look to them, but should fit well in the motif.


Other suggestions: You already mentioned the galleas wheel.  Get a Riviera Stall, an Eorzean Map or Map Table, and a Star Globe. Any self-respecting pirate should be able to navigate by the stars, so it's a good thing to have.  A Mazlaya marlin, stuffed takitaro, or megalodon jaws on the wall, riviera lanterns and/or floor lamps for spare lighting.


The most important thing is to have fun with it and play around and tweak the layout often.  Happy accidents happen with room design. Hope this helps!

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You are welcome to check out my room in my GC. it's a mix of Doman, with some pirate and manor items. Fits with her profession.


Never mind your on a completely different server....


So I have a table I converted to a desk (put part of it into the wall) with a captains chair and two other chairs, gold chests, the Doman screens with the big Haukke bed and Doman bathe (don't need that obviously but H'ecate is big on being clean), some rugs, the Doman wall scrolls, couple of trophies on the walls, the Haukke fireplace with some south seas couches and a few other things, but you get a good mix of wealth/pirate/Doman feel.

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