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Hey! Khrona Here!


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Edit: Hey okay so I completley didn't realise the useful sticky (being slightly new to forums.) at the top of this part of the Forum, so I thought I would re-do this one last time to let you's get a better idea of me.


--MMORPG background

I have played many free to play MMORPG's when I was younger, I've always enjoyed Roleplaying, even though I did start off a lot more light heartidly, I've always enjoyed it and developing characters together as a community and the game world as a whole. More recently my boyfriend asked me to join World of Warcraft just after I started FF14 for the first time, I never used to really game to hardcore until a few months back where I played often.


I've raided at max level, I understand how each role works, I normally play as Healer or Tank, as I adore the utility the Classes provide to a group. Working in unison is important and I even lead a guild, with 105+ members named "Brothers in Exile" an RPPVP/PVE guild, on Defias Brotherhood (EU) Server. I am one of the top PvPers and a valued PvEer in many guilds and players eyes, and I hope and wish to bring that with me to ARR.


--RP experience

Roleplay is what made MMORPG's so unique to me, I adore the experience, the atmosphere IC and OOC, developing characters together. I roleplay as a Goblin named Khrona Lockheart, A lightwielder on World of Warcraft who was raised by a Gilnean after his parents from the Bilgewater Cartel, sold him to the Rosethorn Family (Kaireh Rosethorn Inparticular), who needed a goblins cunning mercantile skills to aid him in such desperate times of war where resources were sparce.


I have experienced RP on a RP and PvP community, where there were a lot of OOC griefers, I have learned how to deal with them and handle such situation appropriatley without ruining immersion. It is important to me, that the experience I share with those I RP with is as good as I can make it. ^.^


The following gives a sort of brief as brief can get for his story whilst I have played WoW, Read if you wish:


[spoil]Due to Khrona's harsh upbringing he started off as a timid and shy character who stuttered and hesitated to talk, he fell in love with a Sin'Dorei named Rah'Ziel Shimmershield, who promised him safety after he freed him from the long eighteen years of slavery under Kaireh Rosethorne his master.


Khrona was in the care of Quanchi, a Forsaken who had fought along Rah'Ziel in the war who had returned to undercity, after 'Ziel had requested him to watch over Khrona while he was on duty in the Dark Ladie's city walls. Khrona wrote letters to 'Ziel, the letters continued and became more darker and desperate in tone as the Lich king's forces closed in on them, before they eventually came to an end, it was then Khrona went back to Silvermoon to see if his love was there, waiting for him. However he was met with strange faces, and a goblin named VIlmer who offered him a place to stay in his inn, and after a few days implied to join the warband he worked for.


as I developed him he slowly made his way through a renowned warband (guild) named the Vengeful, who were against the current warchief of the Horde's ideals and approach to war, gained their trust by agreeing with them and proved himself as a skilled lightwielder and priest healing and aiding those who were in need on the battlefield. It was later that Khrona's love had died, and became an Ebon Knight and lost his memory, off on a mission whilst Khrona had achieved all of this in the warband, and made his return just as the goblin was gaining confidence in himself.


Khrona, devastated, his love was now immortal, dead, cold and had no recollection who he was, yet, the knight wanted only to serve him as his name was all which came to the knight when the lich king had died and allowed the Ebon Knight order to break free from his will.


Khrona had to stare in the face of everything he had lost, with the new knight fighting by his side, the warband truly felt his loss and his suffering but they had a powerful ally. The tragedy's news spread so far it even showed up in Silvermoons newspaper (Tophat news). The warband realised the ability the knight had and decided to take him onto their ranks.


More on topic Khrona's character slowly developed into a more confident character who then blindly went off to betray his warbands ideals in hopes to fight for the Horde in general, this plan backfired when they took the new continet Pandaria and the warchief began to demand such insatiable hunger for war against the Alliance be brought to their peaceful lands, lives were lost, people were forced to choose sides, it was horrible.


Soon as Khrona denied to work with the Warchief, he was forced into exile, where him and his squad have became a group of mercenaries working in the shadows to look for a titan weapon to take for the worlds biggest threat yet, the Burning Legion.. The warchief, and the Alliance.


So much to tell.. so hard to make it sound short. :<[/spoil]


I have RPed a numerous load of other characters but.. I, could go on for such a long time.


--Character ideas/info

  • [*]Well from what I have read the male Miqo'te prefer to lead Isolated lives, keep to themselves and avoid much social contact, so I wish my character to have been through a myriad of things which have shaped him into such a person, which make him believe he should only trust himself.


[*]I plan to play alongside my boyfriend who will be Roleing a Female Elezen, which will turn out to be a close friend to my character (of course, with reason and In character development) However I am new to the lore and the world of Eorzea.


[*]I do not know much about the lore and I plan to play on this, having lived an isolated life my miqo'te will not know much of what has happened on Eorzea, will be oblivious to many a thing, which will give my character some life, and hopefully easy to interact with, but.. the mistrusting, cautious character may become factors.


[*]I wish to make my character unique and interesting, have a role in the world rather just being there, however that is the fun of RP, we never know where our character may finally end up, I have found if you let things unfold, you find your character ends up very far away from where you started, and may not even be able to turn back.[/list:u]


--How did you learn about the coalition?

U-uhm.. I kinda just typed in about FF14 RP on the official forums in hopes of finding an awesome RP community, and here we are! <3


--What kind of a role-player are you aiming to be? Light, medium, or heavy?

Uhm if by this you mean "Beginner" "Casual" or "Full-time" (Thats how they worded it in the last community I was a part of xD), I guess it depends on the situation, if the game allows me to play out during a dungeon, I will plan to be full-time, of course I love OOC chatter! <3 so this depends on the game mechanics.



Anyways if there is anything else you wanna know just ask <3

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Yes, I'm from the UK, so hey! :D


Thanks for the welcome, and are they? I thought not many people would have went them! ^ __ ^ It's nice to meet you!


Edit: I made some changes and possibly will make more this thread when I have more time, So people can get to know more about me! ^ __ ^

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Gay male miqo's.... Gay male miqo's everywhere! :cheer: Welcome!! We love the gays here. I'm sure you'll find it very welcoming. And.. well, then there's Gerik. lol Though, I don't promise that I'm much better.


We are very happy to have you though! Let us know if you need anything as you get started.

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Hehehe, Well, I hope to join in very actively with RP... I'm actually pretty excited!


And as for the help offered, thst so kind! :D Will there be like.. stuff carried across from the old FF to the new one? I havnt read up too much on it, but I assumed all the high levels would have all the nice stuff still .____. Mind I get addicted to gear grinds >.> Must have.. the best... stuff.


But gahh I'll be active on these forums looking forward to ARR <3 cannot wait!!!

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Just wondering. Soul Eater fan?


In actual fact, yes I do love Soul Eater! ^^


Quite the contrary lol. Very popular choice these days. Welcome to the RPC!


Well meh, I'll prove their is a reason my male miqo'te is awesome... s-somehow .____.;; Infact they were one of the main reasons I wanted to join! xD


I'll more than probably be called Khrona, Kaireh, Knoahl, Alehksis, Kurei... one of them^^ (I hope)

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Just wondering. Soul Eater fan?


In actual fact, yes I do love Soul Eater! ^^


Quite the contrary lol. Very popular choice these days. Welcome to the RPC!


Well meh, I'll prove their is a reason my male miqo'te is awesome... s-somehow .____.;; Infact they were one of the main reasons I wanted to join! xD


I'll more than probably be called Khrona, Kaireh, Knoahl, Alehksis, Kurei... one of them^^ (I hope)

I'm gonna call you Khronaysun!

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I demand that you and Alaray join the skype group! All those who second' date=' raise their hands.[/quote']


Details!!!!!! x3


If someone hasn't added you to skype by the time I get home, I'll add you myself. I'll need your skype name though, or you could post it here and hope that someone sees this post and invites you to the group lol.

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  • 5 months later...

Hey guys, just was looking for a place to say I'm back ^^;; thought that this old thread would have been a good place to start, I'm looking forward to joining in with the community, just wondering.


This community will be on Balmung? I'm hoping there may be an official RP server, but then again that is unlikely, but I want to be where the action is and my Free Company to be, is looking forward to RPing with everyone here. We range from casual to inbetween RPers who love PvP and PvE, so look out for the "Lockheart Legion". :D

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